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Game Informer Reveals More Info In Sonic Superstars’ Stages, Emerald Powers


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Game Informer has further elaborated on their time with Sonic Superstars revealing a few new tidbits of information. While much of what’s in the video was in their story last month (which we reported on), they did reveal some new info on the levels themselves!


Lagoon City Zone, Superstars’ obligatory water level, features waterslides, and is roughly 50 percent below water. Drowning wasn’t a massive threat in their playthrough, but air bubbles were spaced out just enough to keep up the tension through the underwater portions of the stage. Game Informer also said the stage takes inspiration from both Hydro City and Mystic Ruins.

Sky Temple, a 9-minute single act zone Game Informer revealed last month, ends with a massive storm hitting it. They also talked about a few gimmicks in Pinball Carnival! In one area of the level, a bunch of rings will swirl into you if you manage to destroy all the targets, and in another you can get rings by bouncing around inside spheres. In the second act, things take a spooky turn, with the lights in the carnival going down, the music turning spooky, badniks wearing ghost costumes and robot bats taking flight. The act also features a gimmick where platforms are speeding around and players have to jump when arrows tell you to.

Finally, the video also has new info on those character-specific acts. In order to access them, players must pay with fruit that can be collected in the stages.

You can check out the full video below:

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