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10-inch Fang the Sniper Plush Now Available from GE Entertainment

GX -The Spindash-
Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into 10-inch Fang the Sniper Plush Now Available from GE Entertainment at some point.

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Late last year, it was leaked that Great Eastern Entertainment was preparing to release a 10-inch Fang the Sniper plush. This week, the plush is now available via toy sellers and GEmerch. Fang is priced at $24.99 and features his single-toothed smirk, hat, pantsless belt, and fistplates.


Fang is another in GE's plush line of lesser known, obscure, and off-beat variant characters such as Mephiles, Emerl, and Sonic's Werehog Form.

The character, originally named "Nack the Weasel" in Western territories, is most prominently associated with Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear, but played periodic roles in the "Classic" game line, including Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic the Fighters, with cameos in Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania.

Beyond this, he appeared in most major western Sonic comic series, including Archie, Fleetway, and even IDW.

And yes, if you're wondering if I'm using this as an excuse to give a very protracted history of the character, I am.

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Posted By: FerrelWarden

Any recommendations of where to buy from that sends to the UK?

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Posted By: Rezapoc

God I wish they'd bring him back with the characterisation they did in STC, he was a real favourite of mine 😅

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