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Music Video for Sonic 2 Theme, Kid Cudi's "Stars in the Sky," Debuts

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This topic was good and got turned into Music Video for Sonic 2 Theme, Kid Cudi’s “Stars in the Sky,” Debuts at some point.

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With Sonic 2 opening in its first markets in just a week, we have finally gotten the movie’s main theme, “Stars in the Sky” by Kid Cudi.

The music video features lovely spritework and loads of references to other games, including Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Adventure. A trio of sprite artists worked on the sprite graphics for this trailer. One of them posted a special piece of art to celebrate the video’s release. You can check that out below.


And here's the music video itself.

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Posted By: Godot

Not my cup of tea, but in honor of Jim’s Robotnik’s random Japanese line scene from the first film: shikata ga nai

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Posted By: Greatsong1

This is at least slightly better than the French song from earlier and music video is closer to Speed Me Up’s too in terms of presentation. Overall it's fine but nothing to brag much about imo.

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Posted By: DK Fan

I think I saw Knuckles on board the Tornado in one scene. I knew it would be just like the games.

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