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Knuckles Goes Chaotix Against the Babylon Rogues in IDW Sonic #66


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San Diego Comic Con is the perfect time to release some new information on the latest IDW Sonic the Hedgehog issues, right? Today, solicits and covers have been revealed for the upcoming Sonic #66, currently due for release on October 25, 2023.

As we covered in our last comic preview, the Babylon Rogues have arrived on the scene and have been messing with Knuckles - so naturally this issue continues the story with the punchy echidna chasing Jet the Hawk down with the help of his old friends, the Chaotix Crew. The amazing Cover A and Retail Incentive covers below highlight this intense showdown.

Elsewhere, Cream the Rabbit is trying to manage her own drama following from Issue 65, when their lovely dinner is interrupted by some uninvited guests. The cute Cover B art by Oz is the one to get if you'd rather get a comic that focuses on that story.

Covers and full solicit below, courtesy of Penguin Random House:


Cover A: Gigi Dutreix & Reggie Graham


Cover B: Oz


Cover RI: Nathalie Fourdraine


Knuckles will stop at nothing to get the Angel Island relic back from the Babylon Rogues!

The Chaotix will stop at nothing to help Knuckles!

Except maybe a dinner invitation from Cream & Vanilla, who are busy fighitng their own battle after a pair of unexpected guests stop by.

I really hope they don't ruin the beautiful gelatious dishes Cream & Vanilla worked so hard to make!

  • Expected Release: 25 October 2023
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  • The title was changed to Sonic the Hedegehog IDW #66 - Official Reveal

Those covers for Issue #66 looks amazing especially the Nathalie Fourdraine RI cover which are always my favourite cover from her.

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