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IDW Sonic's Most Chilling Villain Returns to Finish His Deadly Mission (Screen Rant Spoilers)


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In Sonic the Hedgehog #62, a villain who almost killed everyone on his team has now successfully infiltrated Sonic HQ to finish what he started.

A Sonic the Hedgehog villain who once betrayed and murdered his teammates is now in a position that will allow him to more readily finish off his only remaining foe, Whisper the Wolf. While a part of a team known as the Diamond Cutters, the assassin Mimic carried out a deadly attack that left nearly the entire team dead. This event completely traumatized Whisper to the point that her entire personality changed as a result. Now, Mimic's current efforts also have the potential to destroy Sonic's home and headquarters from within.

In Sonic the Hedgehog #62 by writer Ian Flynn, artist Thomas Rothlisberger, colorist Leonardo Ito and letterer Shawn Lee, another villain named Clutch gives Mimic the opportunity to infiltrate Sonic's Restoration. The Restoration has been preventing Clutch from gaining Egg Tech while turning a profit. Mimic initially turns down the offer, but eventually agrees to participate once Clutch informs him that Whisper and Tangle are part of the Restoration. Whisper's nemesis also learns that the duo are part of a new vanguard called the Diamond Cutters.

A great article to read about Mimic getting his revenge on Whisper and the gang to finish what he started. It's going to be really Interesting In the next few Issues of what Mimic & Clutch are planning to do to them. What are your thoughts?

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