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Sonic Socials: Get Primed For Sonic Origins Plus With New Mystic Cave Zone Artwork

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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Socials: Get Primed For Sonic Origins Plus With New Mystic Cave Zone Artwork at some point.

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Sonic Origins Plus is right around the corner, and to keep the hype going the Sonic social media account has released some new official artwork that highlights one of Sonic 2’s biggest remastered secrets.


The artwork is excellently produced by Tyler McGrath, a favourite of ours who has worked on many amazing Classic Sonic art pieces over the years. It's great that his work is being tapped by SEGA and hopefully this leads to more official recognition!

As you can see, the piece features the Classic Sonic team posturing in Mystic Cave Zone. Knuckles is beckoning the others down a chasm that he has found, but what could be Hidden (Palace) down there..?

Of course, the whole thing is a reference to the introduction of a Sonic 2 lost level that was re-imagined and restored in the Christian Whitehead-led iPhone remaster of the 16-bit classic. Because Sonic Origins (and Plus) includes this new version of the game, Hidden Palace Zone can be accessed the same way on consoles and PC now too.

All you’ve gotta do is keep to the low route on Mystic Cave Act 2 until you hit a chasm with a drawbridge lever. Ignore the lever and just fall right into the hole. Just… make sure you’re only doing that on the iPhone or Sonic Origins versions of Sonic 2. You don’t want to give it a go on the Mega Drive/Genesis originals…

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I love that classic look art from Sonic 2 (Sonic Mania Plus) It always amazes me how very talented these Sonic artists do these beautiful artwork. 

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