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If any of the shows lasted longer or were released later...

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The title kind of says it all. Here is the rest. If any of the Sonic TV shows (AoSTH, Sonic SatAM, Underground, Sonic X and maybe Sonic Boom) lasted much longer to any point or were first released at any later time than the actual time they were first broadcasted, what do you think we would have seen in any of those shows that we did not get to see in those shows before they were finished or cancelled? What I mean is, something like seeing Shadow in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog or Station Square as a location in Sonic Underground or Sage or Infinite in Sonic X, anything really? Of course, it does not have to be just the modern games, but the classics and the modern classic-like games (excluding both episodes of Sonic 4), from Mania to maybe Superstars; like seeing the Hard-Boiled Heavies in Sonic SatAM or something.

Yeah, there may be some doubts that most or all of these shows would not last long enough if they lasted longer or last long if they were released at a later point in time, or even be approved and released at all for that matter, but this is a hypothetical question, and I am curious to know what all your thoughts are everyone. So if you care to discuss tell me; what could we have seen in any of these shows that if we did not actually see in them, if they either lasted longer or were released at a later time?

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Knuckles showing up in Aosth   Would probably happen if it got a renewal in 1994 and Ben Hurst himself said that Knuckles  was going to show up in Satam at some point

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Sonic X season 4.

More information about Dark Sonic. Guessing if the Dark Gaia event's happened in this continuity, Sonic would be completely consumed, unlike game Sonic.


I'd love for them to do a Sonic Heroes story to bring in Neo Metal and Omega. I always thought it was odd we never saw Omega in X.

Is Shadow part black doom, in X continuity... Is the Black arms even considered canon in this timeline, or was Shadow made by Gerald completey without help in X timeline?

I'd love to see more stuff with X as it's my preferred timeline.

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