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Sonic Makes An Appearance At Tokyo Toy Fair 2023

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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Makes An Appearance At Tokyo Toy Fair 2023 at some point.

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It seems that Summer Game Fest wasn’t the only place fans would get to see some Sonic. In Japan, kids were able to meet the blue blue himself at the Tokyo Toy Show 2023 this past weekend.


The annual showcase, which took place this year at the Tokyo Big Sight from June 8-11, featured a booth from SEGA Toys which had a huge Sonic parading around for meet and greets.


SEGA Toys, as the name suggests, manufactures a number of fun products for the Japanese market, many of which are licensed from anime and other kids’ IP.


This year they (and Sonic) were showcasing its flagship ‘Homestar’ in-room constellation projector along with a new kitty toy that has various sicknesses that need treating and looking after. Attendees could also use the special “Buzz Cam” on display to take short videos of themselves with Sonic.

So no Sonic toys on show, then, but that’s okay because just seeing the blue blur mill around is enough for us. Thanks for being such a hard-working corporate sponsor, Sonic!


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That's amazing I always wanted to go to a show something like Tokyo Toy Show 2023 to meet Sonic himself something like this one day. That big Sonic just looks cute I could cuddle him as well.

Maybe one day I will go to a Game show events just like this one It's alway been my Dreams.

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