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Ohtani Hints At The "Next Chapter"

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Tomoya Ohtani Teases Work on "The Next Chapter" at some point.

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Tomoya Ohtani has recently shared a new update of his mobilizing for new production.

This "next chapter" could potentially be the new story addition for Frontiers, or something bigger.

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I think it’s fair to say now that he’s most likely working on the Sonic Superstars soundtrack? Maybe with Tee Lopes (I’ve seen him do some mega-heavy teasing on social about the music in this)?

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7 hours ago, DaBigJ said:

But didn't that Fadel guy say it was chiptune-y?

Yeah but that doesn’t really tell us anything. Lopes has collaborated with Jun Senoue in the past on a number of tracks - some of those sound chiptune-y too (and some of them don’t, obviously).

Just fun to think about, I suppose.

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I'd love it if Ohtani and crew got to work on a classic game using live recordings, but something about the timing of both announcements seems off to me, so I'm gonna temper any expectations till we've got something more concrete.

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