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Sonic the Hedgehog IDW #61: Reader Reaction & Impressions

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So..., it's done. Hooray? Full Spoiers

Diamond Cutters are back, that's all they get. Shadow did....a thing and saved the day. Looked cool. Omega got a funny moment, good for him. Metal good short but sweet action scene (before getting dog pilled). Silver said the meme. Art still amazing though.

Story had way too many characters, all agree, right? 11 heroes, plus villains. "Chao Racing " did that too, Expect that story had 3-4 plotlines going, this one has 1, maybe 2 if you stretch the definition. So Diamond Cutters and Sonic were designated heroes, but ultimately Shadow & Silver did more. And I wanted them to have more screen time, but structure is all wrong, like if Donkey Kong beat Bowser in Mario Movie. Plus, it's hard to feel the peril when heroes keep dog-pilling on the villain.

The story has a basic problem of having no story (and yet taking 5 issues). It's just bloat of action and (admittedly) cool character moments, but lacks the focus to give meaning behind most of it. I think it would work better if this was an explosive climax to a longer story, but it's stand-alone, feeling just hollow. The story needed to either have fewer characters or treat them as extra they are and commit to the main heroes of the story.




Lastly, little art nitpicks. Adam Bryan Thomas is a GOD, arguably the best artist we have. But 2 things bugged me tiiiiny bit
1) let's take an innocent look at Rouge's chest



This effect looks odd, makes me think someone hit her and there's a dent there now. Even if that's not a big deal, it does draw my eyes to bat boobies, something I'm sure IDW didn't want.

2) Shadow's spikes, properly drawn, are curvy (we don't talk about tatas anymore, I swear). They first go down, before changing direction and pointing upward. But ABT draws them much pointier, almost like devil horn. It looks good on most angles... expect this one



The contrast between upward and downward spikes is too high, looking juuuuust a bit silly. It's hard to explain in words, but I compared it with some 3d models and I swear this usually doesn't happen.

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For me I really enjoyed the finale of the Urban Warfare arc and the Teams working together as well. 

My favourite parts of the comic:



I enjoyed the bit where Lanolin quotes about the Diamond Cutters part.



And love the happy ending with Sonic here as well.

The artwork style Is fantastic In this Issue as well. Overall I enjoyed the finale of the arc of Urban Warfare. Looking forward to the next Issue.

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