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Penders Reveals Sonic Animation Project is a CGI Movie Series, Competing With Pixar

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This topic was good and got turned into Penders Reveals Sonic Animation Project is a CGI Movie Series, Competing With Pixar at some point.

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Ken Penders has revealed some more details on the Archie/SatAM-inspired Sonic the Hedgehog animation project he is reportedly working on. While the possibility of it being a third season of the SatAM cartoon was ruled out, Penders did let slip that he intends it to be a CGI feature film - one of several in fact - that will compare in quality to Pixar's Monsters Inc.

Responding to a question on his message board as to whether his new project would be a new season of SatAM, Penders wrote, "whatever is developed has to be done with the general audience in mind beyond Sonic fandom in particular, so don't be surprised if the overall plot is more in line with what you'd expect from the first film of a series, rather than something you'd expect from a third season or later entry in a film series."

Later, he added that he previously worked with SatAM cartoon writer Ben Hurst on plans for an 'animated Sonic film', and reached out to SEGA about the opportunity without much luck. Hurst has also given the Archie continuity his blessing, Penders wrote, "acknowledging not only [that] we have been faithful to the work he and his co-horts have done, but have been the major force to keeping Sonic before the public on a regular basis."

The Archie writer and artist noted that he doesn't want rumours "to get out of hand", so has revealed the following information about the project too. We've included it in full below.


"The project is being conceived as presenting Sonic in CGI-animation ala Monsters Inc."

"The main cast of characters consist of Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Uncle Chuck, Jules, Bernie, King & Queen Acorn, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Espio, Mighty, Vector, Locke, Lara-Le, Wynmacher, Snively, Crabmeat, E-102 and Dr. Robotnik. As only the main plotline has been worked out, it remains to be seen what other characters will have speaking roles. At present, I envision a number of characters seen in various incarnations of the games, comic book and animated series will be utilized as "extras" throughout."

"While I would be inclined to go with the actress who voiced Sally in the SatAM, I think a fresh voice is called for regarding Sonic, and while I already have a particular actor in mind, I'd like to hear your suggestions as well for this or any other part."

"In general, while the movie will contain many elements familiar to fans of the comics, games and SatAM, it's being treated like we're starting with episode one of a whole new series in order for the general audience to join in on the fun. To aim specifically for the Sonic hardcore fans in particular would not enable this or any other similar project to get off the ground. That is a business reality that has to be accounted for."

Source: Ken Penders

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