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Licensed Sonic Prime Plush Toy and 5" Action Figures Coming July


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SEGA and Jakks Pacific have announced a new licensing deal that will see the launch of a series of Sonic Prime toys to coincide with the continuation of the Netflix animation series. Among these is a new 13" Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy and the first wave of Prime-themed 5" articulated figures.

3.28.23_Sonic Prime_419194_F233636.jpeg

The Sonic the Hedgehog 13" plush toy is posable, and "made from super soft fabrics and stuffing" (as per the press release we received for these products). Looks like you could give him a huge cuddle for days, to be fair. It will be on sale for $19.99.

4.24.23_419114_Sonic products4539.jpeg 4.24.23_419114_Sonic products4543.jpeg 4.24.23_419114_Sonic products4534.jpeg 4.24.23_419114_Sonic products4547.jpeg

Meanwhile, the first set of 5" action figures will offer over 12 points of articulation, so you can really go for it and recreate some creative scenes from the TV show (or from your own imagination). Wave 1 of the figures includes Sonic, Tails Nine, Thorn Rose and Mr. Dr. Eggman, and will be available individually for $14.99 each.

All of these products will be available in physical stores and online retailers in "North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa" (so practically everywhere, then) in July. Just in time to start playing along with the new episodes when they air on Netflix.

Which ones are you getting?

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They look great. I always like to try and get some figures in the different media, (X, Movie and Boom)

Always liked Prime Sonic's shoes in New yoke.

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I must admit I just love that Sonic Prime plush I'll be getting that first that's for sure and along with the Angel's Voyage pirate ship with Knuckles to.

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