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'Sonic: The Fated Hour' Fan Game To Drop RPG Elements


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Fan gaming news has been a little thin on the ground lately, but we have some updates regarding SAGE regular BlazeHedgehog and his upcoming platform-RPG Sonic: The Fated Hour. Specifically, that it's not actually an RPG anymore.


Instead, the fan game - which originally included an experience-points system where the blue blur could level up as he progressed - will adopt the engine of another one of Blaze's projects, Sonic Legends. Because Legends was built to be more of a 'traditional' Sonic game, it means that Sonic: The Fated Hour is now more of a standard Sonic-style platformer.

It also means that Sonic Legends itself is no more, as that specific project is now made redundant with The Fated Hour now taking its place.

Explaining the decision, Blaze writes: "I've begun to realize exactly how silly the whole RPG thing was. Infact, I've sort of felt this way for awhile now -- the whole reason Legends was created was so I could do a traditional Sonic game, because frankly, with TFH, that wasn't gonna happen. The gameplay got all jacked up from what Sonic's supposed to be.

"Thusly, I'm changing TFH again. Now -- don't moan. I'm NOT rebuilding the bloody engine a 4th time. Instead, I'll get some mileage out of the defunct Legends Engine. You know, the one I had at last SAGE that said the title was being produced still? Consider this Legends' official cancelation.

"What will be born from this Legends/TFH hybrid -- the same concept: one continuous world, a'la Castlevania. Just with all that silly level-up/experience points garbage thrown out the window. Think of it kind of like Jak and Daxter -- one, really big platform game. Except mine will have a few twists..."

Blaze added that he might keep the level-up system in The Fated Hour if enough people give positive feedback on it's inclusion. But, given the dramatic change in approach here, it doesn't seem like it's long for this world.


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