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10 Greatest Sonic the Hedgehog Allies of All Time (IDW Sonic & Archie Comics)


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This Is a Interesting article by Screen Rant telling about Sonic 10 Greatest Allies of All Time from both the IDW Sonic comics & Sonic Archie Comics as well. 

Source: Screenrant 

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I'm glad Sonic is getting a positive article. Even more: Sonic FRIENDS are getting a positive article.

Other than that: eh, who cares? The article isn't exactly that interesting. I'll give it one thing, it tries to be more creative than "top strongest" or "our favorite".

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IDW!Shadow being the #10 surprised me. Now it's only the 5th issue that is mentioned, but still. Other than that, it's nice to see for once an article that isn't "lol shitty friends", for once.

I honestly am curious now about how people that read the comics and aren't in the "online" side of the community see the issues, the characters, etc. I was surprised once when I saw a french youtuber talking about the Eggman/Tinker arc once. It's once of the stuff we might tend to forget by being in our own bubble, how character outside us see the games, characters, etc. It's often quite visible by the very different opinion in the Sonic disourse on different plateforme can be (which is logical as different plateformes are for different populations).

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Usually the characters get more positive reception when it’s not the games. Even Archie—There was a past article that made a list of characters that sucked in the games but rocked in the comics, but yeah still surprising to see another one regardless.

Edit: Found that article

The biggest surprise that had me loling was


Sally Acorn holding the #1 spot. But hey, I’m cool with that, even tho they seem to be using her pre-reboot incarnation. (Much as I like their take, I kinda switched to Post-reboot as a favorite)

Did not see that coming, much less Archie receiving any attention, period. But I’m glad they’re getting recognition.

So yeah, may not agree with their take on Shadow (and no I’m not sorry, cuz Archie!Shadow is king until they write him even better in IDW). But I’m not complaining.

That said, you can totally tell that they probably just skimmed a wiki before making this based on the Archie mentions having only their pre-reboot backgrounds.

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