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Death Egg Zones: Death Stars in Sonic Games


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When talking about things inspired by Star Wars in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the Death Egg is one of the most iconic and memorable locales across multiple universes.

Sure, we’ve got other things like the X Wing style Battle Modes of the Tornado and “Chao in Space”. However, nothing comes close to the Death Egg.

So, I quickly went through all of the Death Eggs Sonic & Friends have run through in the games so far.

May the Fourth be with you!

1. All entries in this post are Death Eggs and Death Egg themed Action Stages, Hubs, & Bosses from Official Sonic Games. This includes:

  • The original Death Egg Zone from Sonic 2 and Sonic 3&K
  • All Zones, Acts, & Bosses that take place in spaceships that are shaped like Dr. Eggman’s face or head
  • Zones with the words “Death Egg” in their names
  • The Egg Hangar from the Sonic & SEGA Racing Games (this is my only exception for Crossover games this time)

2. A Few Honorable Mentions:

  • Cosmic Angel Zone & X-Zone - I can’t say for sure if it’s a Death Egg or generic Eggman space station. Love the Cosmic Angel Zone’s music though.
  • Any Zone that takes place on the Space Colony Ark - I ran out of time and decided to cut them out of the list… I will talk about them sometime in the future.

3. Regarding some of the Official Names used in this Topic:

  • From here on out, I will refer to the Metal Sonic that appears in the Death Egg Zone in Sonic 2 as “Mecha Sonic”.
  • Any clones of characters created by Infinite using the Phantom Ruby will be have the word “Phantom Copy” in front of their name.

4. Regarding some of the Fan Nicknames used in this Topic:

  • None of the Bosses in Sonic Blast have Official Names. I call the main Boss of the Silver Castle Zone the “Egg Laser”, because of its unique laser cannons.
  • I gave the True Final Boss of Sonic Blast the nickname “Deviled Egg” because it’s a literal egg shaped Boss Badnik with 2 drills that look like horns.
  • Merry Island is a fan nickname I to use to refer to the Island/region that houses the Zones seen on the World Map in Sonic Advance 2.
  • The Red Egg Mobile Dr. Eggman uses in Sonic Battle against Emerl in his Chapter doesn't have an official name. To make things incredibly simple, I just called it the “Battle Egg”
  • The Egg Mobile Eggman uses during the first Boss Battle in the Death Egg Mk 2 Zone doesn’t have an official name. Since it reuses parts from the Egg Serpentleaf, I just call it the “Egg Serpentleaf Mk 2”.
  • The Silver Colored Sentinel Series Egg Pawns in Sonic Forces don’t really have a name to contrast them from their regular version. I gave them the nickname “Gatling Pawns” because their gun hands behave similar to gatling guns.


5. All Zones will be posted in Spoiler Tags, under their respective Zones, so that images and other graphics don’t slow down load times.

6. All pictures and other graphics will be posted shortly.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version) - Death Egg Zone



The first Death Egg Zone was nothing more than a 2 per 1 deal at the Boss Badnik Battle Boutique.

With no Rings.

After grabbing onto Dr. Eggman’s space rocket and holding his breath, Sonic fought for his life 2 times upon entering the Death Egg.

While we can see the planet from an observation deck like area when fighting the Death Egg Robot, we don’t really get to see any other parts of the Death Egg’s interior or exterior.

DEATH EGG ZONE BOSS #1 (Sonic 2 Version): Mecha Sonic

Boss Bio: Mecha Sonic (aka Silver Sonic Mk 1/Robo Sonic) was the 3rd Badnik Version of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman.

After Metal Sonic failed to outrace Sonic on Little Planet, Dr. Eggman went back to the drawing board and tried making a bigger & badder evil knockoff with more power and defense.

As a result, Mecha Sonic’s quills were sharp like the teeth of a chainsaw, making it impossible for Sonic to come in contact with him even while Spin Jumping, he had wheels on his feet, which allowed Mecha Sonic to perform a Sliding Boost Attack and Drift for quick turnarounds, and small needles were placed inside his body, which sometimes launched out of Mecha Sonic while he was Spin Jumping into the center of the arena.

All of these new features came at the cost of using heavier metals to make Mecha Sonic though.

Even after Mecha Sonic became scrap metal, Dr. Eggman got enough battle data to create Mecha Sonic Mark 2.

Mecha Sonic Fast Facts: 

  • Mecha Sonic’s name and design are inspired by Mecha Godzilla.
  • Mecha Sonic appears again as the Boss of the Aerobase Zone in Sonic Pocket Adventure.
  • Mecha Sonic Mark 3 has never been used onscreen in the games. The only time we’ve seen him is in his status pod with Metal Sonic inside Eggman’s Mystic Ruins base in Sonic Adventure.

Death Egg Zone Boss Battle #1 (Sonic 2 Version): Sonic/Tails/Knuckles VS Mecha Sonic
Everywhere except Mecha Sonic’s quills could be hit to damage him.

Since there were no Rings, Sonic had to make sure to attack only when Mecha Sonic came to a complete stop or while he was driving around on his wheels.

A popular strategy for getting a bunch of hits in early is to Spin Dash near where Mecha Sonic lands to nip at his feet.

DEATH EGG ZONE FINAL BOSS (Sonic 2 Version): Death Egg Robot

Boss Bio: The Death Egg Robot was a giant Eggman painted Battle Mech Eggman created as the last line of defense for the first Death Egg.

Armed with spiky hands, that Eggman could quickly rocket punch, a jetpack, which allowed it to fly into the air and attempt to stomp on potential targets, and an Eggman shaped bomb generator, that created an Eggman shaped version of Bomb, Eggman tried his best to smash Sonic and protect the Death Egg.

Despite having no Rings and multiple ways to die, Sonic won the battle and the Death Egg Robot’s explosion caused the Death Egg to lose altitude and eventually fall onto Angel Island.

Death Egg Robot Fast Fact: If you don’t count the Great Eggman Robo as a Death Egg Robot, the Death Egg Robot has been fought at least 4 times throughout the games.

Death Egg Zone Final Boss Battle: Sonic/Tails VS Dr. Eggman & the Death Egg Robot
Whenever its arms weren’t in front of the chest plate, Sonic could run up and quick Spin Jump into it.

He could also attack each time after the Death Egg Robot flew into the air and came stomping down, since it had both arms pulled back while landing.

Once he was able to do this 16 times, the battle was won.

Death Egg Zone Final Boss Battle: Knuckles VS Dr. Eggman & the Death Egg Robot
Thanks to Knuckles’ low jump height, he had the hardest time fighting the Death Egg Robot without accidentally slightly touching its spiky hands.


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles - Death Egg Zone Act 1



Death Egg Zone Act 1 had Sonic & Tails navigate through the interior of the remodeled Death Egg.

After Eggman had enough time to cook it in the Launch Base Zone & Lava Reef Zone, the Death Egg Zone finally got proper Action Stages, Badniks, and new Bosses. Once they got Mecha Sonic Mark 2 off their backs, Sonic & Tails were able to hop onboard the Death Egg as it was levitating past the Sky Sanctuary Zone.

While exploring the interior of the Death Egg Zone, Sonic & Tails ran across bridges made of light, which usually switched back and forth between 2 different paths, avoided getting zapped by electric traps, that they could walk and run across safety with Thunder Shields, Spin Jumped and grab onto Zone Exclusive Pulleys, that helped them bypass electric obstacles and reach new areas, used cyan elevator platforms, that only moved when Sonic & Tails stood on top of them, jumped into Ring Shooters, which were special Spin Dash devices that launched Sonic & Tails to other areas via energized Dash Rings, readjusted to altered gravity, which could have Sonic & Tails upside down and running on the ceiling, bypassed wall turrets, that would periodically fire missiles that would fly through the air until they crashed into the wall on the opposite site, tried to stay balanced on levitating conveyor belts, which usually moved through areas with Spikes sticking out of the walls and ceilings along with the other mentioned hazards, and bounced around the inside of an engine room with its own altered gravity, while hitting 6 switches on a double side remote to activate a door.

The sharp & pointy Badniks that were added to lower life expectancy in the Death Egg Zone were:

  • Spikebonker was a Badnik similar to Orbinaut except it only had one mid-sized spike ball and it could retrieve it after throwing it. A good Spin Jump could avoid the spike ball and take it out at the same time.
  • Chainspike was a fast floating grappling hook Badnik that had a spike on its top, sides, and bottom. When intruders came within range, it would zip over near the intruder, and then rain down its grappling hook to do damage. Sonic could break them easily with his Insta-Shield while Tails had to try and hit them near the corners in between their spikes.

DEATH EGG ZONE ACT 1 BOSS (S3&K Version): Red Eye

Boss Bio: Red Eye was a security Boss Badnik with 2 forms that were designed to take out intruders on the Death Egg.

The first form was a tower that used metal bombs filled with spikes for offense and defense.


The second form had Red Eye detach from the tower and fly around with 2 floating platforms, with spikes underneath. It could also rain down lasers from underneath its body. In a way, it’s like a remix of the Laser Prisons on the Wing Fortress & Flying Battery Zones.

Death Egg Zone Act 1 Boss Battle: Sonic and/or Tails VS Red Eye
Coming Soon

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles - Death Egg Zone Act 2



Death Egg Zone Act 2 had the boys (and eventually Amy), run outside the exterior of the Death Egg Zone.

Elevators that took Sonic & Tails to the to the ground or ceiling with reversed gravity started appearing in this Act.

DEATH EGG ZONE ACT 2 BOSS (S3&K Version): Death Ball
Boss Bio: Death Ball was a round Boss Badnik that hovered in the air.

It could produce spiky mine tanks, that rolled on the ground, and was covered by flat shields, that prevented Sonic & Tails from attacking it with a Spin Jump.

Sonic & Tails had to use the Mine Tanks against the Death Ball to break it.

Death Egg Zone Act 1 Boss Battle: Sonic and/or Tails VS Death Ball

Whenever Sonic & Tails used the gravity elevators, all of the mine tanks would switch gravity as well.

The Death Ball could be damaged by its own Mine Tanks whenever Sonic & Tails used the gravity elevators and/or from Mine Tanks that got stuck into the ground or ceiling upside down, which could be knocked into Death Ball with a Spin Jump or Dash.

After getting hit with 8 of its Mine Tanks, the Death Ball popped.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles - Death Egg Zone Act 3


Death Egg Zone Act 3 had Sonic & Tails face off against Dr. Eggman 3 more times.

If Sonic managed to collected all the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic will transform into Super Sonic and chase after Eggman into the Doomsday Zone.

DEATH EGG ZONE FINAL BOSS (S3&K Version): Great Eggman Robo

Boss Bio: The Great Eggman Robo was a giant Battle Mech Eggman made to protect the Death Egg.

Not only was it bigger and better than the Death Egg Robot, it had the Master Emerald powering it from the center of its body.

The first match had Sonic & Tails fight against its 2 hands, which were basically 2 reversed Heat Arms.


The second match was against the head and torso of the Great Eggman Robo, which could shoot flamethrowers from its nose and use the Master Emerald to fire lasers whenever its chest plate opened.


In the Final Round, Sonic & Tails chased Eggman as he tried to escape with the Master Emerald in his regular, bare bones Egg Mobile.

Death Egg Zone Final Boss Battle: Sonic and/or Tails VS Dr. Eggman & the Great Eggman Robo
Sonic & Tails could trick the Heat Arms into grabbing the ground, Spin Jump ahead of time, and land on top of its finger. Each of the 6 fingers needed 3 hits to get destroyed. Apparently, it’s also possible to Spin Dash through them.

During the second phase, Sonic & Tails had to hit the Great Eggman Robo’s chest to expose the Master Emerald weak point while avoiding the nose flamethrower. However, every time it opened, Sonic & Tails had to quickly attack and then jump to avoid its Master Emerald Laser.

After hitting the Master Emerald Vault 8 times, the Great Eggman Robo went up in smoke and Dr. Eggman tried to fly off with the Master Emerald.

While chasing Eggman and making sure not to fall off the collapsing road, Sonic & Tails hit the Egg Mobile 8 times and caused the crane drop the Master Emerald.


Sonictrainer Says: When I played the Anniversary Mode of Sonic 3 & Knuckles in Sonic Origins, it felt like I had an easier time getting the timing down for Jumping to avoid the lasers.

Sonic Drift 2 – Death Egg



The Death Egg Racecourse was a jagged course that traveled around an unknown version of the Death Egg.

It’s the last racecourse of the Blue Grand Prix and only has 1 opponent, depending on who the Driver is.

While driving around the course, racers had to make sure not to go off track and get electrocuted by the electrified poles.

Vehicle Bios:

  • Egg Typhoon: The Egg Typhoon was an Egg Mobile designed for car races. It had the highest Handling out of all of the Vehicles but had low Acceleration. Whenever Dr. Eggman collected 2 Rings, the Egg Typhoon could start dropping Mines.
  • Cyclone: The Cyclone was a red racecar customized specially for Sonic. It had High Speed & Acceleration but low Handling. If Sonic managed to grab 2 Rings, he could get a free Dash Power-up.

Blue GP – Hero Death Extra Egg Rival Race: Sonic & the Cyclone/Tails VS the MTP-02 Wheelwind S7/Knuckles & the Tempest/Amy & the Breeze VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Typhoon
If any of the Hero Characters manage to get 1st Place in every race in the Blue GP, they will unlock an extra race that has them race against Dr. Eggman solo.

Blue GP – Villain Death Egg Rival Race: Dr. Eggman & the Egg Typhoon/Nack & the Marvelous Queen/Metal Sonic & the Blue Devil VS Sonic & the Cyclone
If any of the Villain Characters manage to get 1st Place in every race in the Blue GP, they will unlock a secret race that has them race against Sonic solo.

Sonic Fighters – Death Egg’s Eye



Death Egg’s Eye was an arena built inside the center of the Death Egg 2. 

Metal Sonic was waiting there to fight any intruders that managed to make it onboard using the Lunar Fox, a rocket ship built by Tails, after winning the Chaos Emerald Tournament. 

Fighter/Boss Bio: Metal Sonic was the second Badnik Version of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman.

The model that appears to defend the Egg Death 2 had battle data on all of the fighters in the Chaos Emerald Tournament. Eggman was probably able to obtain it each time he used his doppelganger ray.

Metal Sonic’s moveset included an altered version of the original Maximum Overdrive, which still hit like a Mad Convoy, a laser cannon inside of his torso, that opponents could dodge by jumping or sidestepping, a stomping attack where he jumps into the air and hits the ground while spinning his entire body, which may have been inspired by Knuckles, and a powerful Grab he copied and modified from Tails, where he picks opponents up into the air before body slamming them back into the ground with his jet on.

While he could be very difficult to defeat, it wasn’t impossible.


Sonictrainer Says: “Never Let It Go” is one of my favorite songs from Sonic Fighters.

Sonic Fighters – Death Egg’s Hangar



Death Egg’s Hangar was an area underneath Death Egg’s Eye, inside of the Death Egg 2.

If Metal Sonic is defeated, the entire arena will lower down to where Dr. Eggman was ready to fight with the E-Mech.

Fighter/Boss Bio: The E-Mech was a fighting style Egg Mobile that allowed Eggman to fight at with a clear disadvantage.

Luckily, the Chaos Emeralds helped the Champion auto enter Hyper State to make things fair.

If the Champion was able defeat Eggman within 15 seconds, the Champion would escape the Death Egg 2’s explosion and return home via the Lunar Fox.

E-Mech Fast Facts:
•    It is possible for Sonic to turn into Super Sonic while fighting Eggman & the E-Mech
•    In the HD Rerelease, the E-Mech gained the ability produce Bombs like Bean

Sonic Blast – Silver Castle Zone



The Silver Castle Zone was a Death Egg acting as an artificial island near South Island.

Eggman made it after he blasted one of the Chaos Emeralds into 5 pieces trying to hit Sonic.

While storming the Silver Castle Zone, Sonic & Knuckles explored mazes, where they had to use teleporting panels to travel to different rooms, rushed while inside trap rooms, where they had to avoid Badniks and obstacles while outrunning a wall covered in spikes, and Spin Jumped onto a rotating set of platforms, which acted as a password system that need the platforms to rotate in a certain direction to open doors.

The Eggman colored Badniks designed to protect the Silver Castle Zone were:

  • Egg Saucer was a Badnik that flew around with a spinning blade around its body. They’re kind of like a prototype for the modern day Spinners. Sonic & Knuckles could destroy them by Spin Jumping on top of it.
  • Egg Pogo was a Badnik similar Badnik to Egg Saucer, except it bounced around on a Spring mounted on the bottom of its body. With their springs, they could bounce up and down on the ground and even into spike pits. If Sonic & Knuckles don’t take them out, Egg Pogos will try to follow them.
  • Egg Sentry was an Egg Saucer that had a miniature gun attached it instead of a spinning set of blades. Their guns always shot projectiles in an arc.


Boss Bio: The Egg Laser was an Egg Mobile that had 2 unique laser weapons.

After trapping Sonic & Knuckles on a giant wheel inside of an invisible forcefield, Dr. Eggman tried to fry them with lasers.

Silver Castle Zone Final Boss Battle: Sonic/Knuckles VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Laser
Since Sonic & Knuckles were blocked by the invisible forcefield, they had to think up a different way to defeat Eggman. 

By running on their wheel shaped platform, Sonic & Knuckles could move a reflective mirror above their heads and the forcefield to send the Egg Laser’s rays back towards Eggman.

If they weren’t able to position the mirror in time, Sonic & Knuckles had Spin Jump in place to dodge the ricocheting lasers.

Although Eggman tried to switch positions, after shooting himself 12 times, the Egg Laser was dethroned.


Boss Bio: The Deviled Egg was a special Boss Badnik that was hidden somewhere in the Silver Castle Zone.

It would only activate if Sonic & Knuckles managed to defeat Eggman’s Egg Laser while holding the 5 Chaos Emerald Shards.

The Deviled Egg could split in 2, with the top part constantly releasing energy projectiles that rained down on Sonic & Knuckles.

After the Deviled Egg was defeated, the Silver Castle Zone fell into the ocean while Sonic & Knuckles were able to reform the Chaos Emerald.

Silver Castle Zone True Final Boss Battle: Sonic/Knuckles VS the Deviled Egg
Sonic & Knuckles had to jump onto the bottom half of the Deviled Egg and stand on the yolk button.

This would temporarily cause the top half to stop. Next the boys had to jump over the Deviled Egg and try to hit the top of it without touching the spinning blade or the drills.

Once the top half took 8 hits, the bottom half started moving to make things difficult.

After getting 8 more hits in, the Deviled Egg was permanently cracked.

Sonic Advance 2 – Egg Utopia Zone



The Egg Utopia Zone was a Death Egg Dr. Eggman created before or during his takeover of Merry Island.

While searching for Eggman in the Egg Utopia Zone, Sonic & the others navigated through areas with reversed gravity, that had Gravity Changing Signs to give a head-ups and show which direction the gravity was changing, swung around on spinning vertical poles, that could be used to give their Jumps more momentum, ran into speed forklifts, that would launch characters into a specific direction if they touched them, rode on top of large platforms, that would slide down slopes and launch over bottomless pits, and tried to collect 7 Special Rings, that allowed them to access the last Special Stage to try and collect the Purple Chaos Emerald.

The Badniks trying to live up to Eggman’s ideal in the Egg Utopia Zone were:

  • Geji-Geji was a flying, centipede version of Caterkiller that hovered throughout the space station. They could usually be spotted ahead of time with their heads sticking out of the ground, wall, and ceilings. It didn’t help that their heads were still their weak point.
  • Buzzer was an upgraded version of Buzz Bomber. The ones aboard the Egg Utopia used helicopter blades to fly instead of rockets and tried stabbing with their stingers instead shooting projectiles from them.
  • Spinner was Bat Badnik that flew in the air. As long as our heroes minded their blades, they can easily be destroyed with a well-timed Spin Jump.
  • Mouse was a mouse Badnik that only appeared in Normal Mode. Similar to Technosqueek, they scurry on the back and forth in a specific area. They would try to charge at any intruders but would get destroyed by every single attack Sonic, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy could perform in the process.



Boss Bio: The Egg Frog gave the Egg Mobile 2 long bendable legs, that allowed it to jump from the ground to the ceiling, and vice versa, changing its own gravity in the process.

It also had a bomb dispenser, allowing it to fire bombs at the ceiling or floor depending on where its opponent was running. It also always released a bomb when it jumped.

Eggman would also sometimes brake, causing our heroes to either crash into him and lose Rings or get some more free hits in.

Egg Utopia Zone Boss Battle: Sonic VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Frog
Sonic had to Spin Jump over its feet first before being able to hit its cockpit.

If Eggman tried to drop bombs, Sonic could Spin Jump onto the ceiling or floor to switch his own gravity to avoid them.

Egg Utopia Zone Boss Battle: Cream & Cheese VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Frog
Cream & Cheese took turns beating the Egg Frog until it croaked.

Egg Utopia Zone Boss Battle: Tails VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Frog
Tails didn’t even need to fly while fighting the Egg Frog.

Egg Utopia Zone Boss Battle: Knuckles VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Frog
Knuckles could glide into the Egg Frog whenever it slammed on its brakes.

Egg Utopia Zone Boss Battle: Amy VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Frog
Amy could leapfrog past its legs and smash the cockpit with her Piko Piko Hammer.

Sonic Advance 2 – XX Zone



The XX Zone was an extension of the Egg Utopia Zone.

Its main purpose was to give Eggman a chance to beat Sonic by reusing weakened versions of every specialized Egg Mobile he already used in the other Zones on Merry Island & the Egg Utopia Zone.

Waiting at the end of the XX Zone was one of Eggman’s trump cards.

The Egg Mobile attachments our heroes had to refight in the XX Zone were:

  • The Egg Hammer Mk 2 was a tank armed with a Hammer that Eggman used in the Leaf Forest Zone.
  • The Egg Bomber Tank was a big fast moving tank Eggman used in the Hot Crater Zone.
  • The Egg Totem was a fast moving stack of spiky platforms Eggman used in the Music Plant Zone.
  • The Aero Egg was an Egg Mobile attachment that had a tail of platforms, that Eggman used in the Ice Paradise Zone.
  • The Egg Saucer was giant wheel of misfortune Eggman tricked Knuckles into piloting in the Sky Canyon Zone.
  • The Egg-Go-Round was a monorail merry-go-round of 4 platforms Eggman used in the Techno Base Zone.
  • The Egg Frog was back to bounce in between the floor and ceiling while dropping bombs.


Boss Bio: The Super Eggrobo Z was a powerful Battle Mech waiting at the end of the XX Zone. 

It could rocket punch like the Death Egg Robot and could fire lasers from its eyes.

To make matters worse, the arena was in a closed area with spikes aligning the whole ceiling and 3 platforms, constantly moving up and down towards the ceiling and high enough for the Super Eggrobo Z’s eye lasers to fry you.

The good news was that its arms could be destroyed if they are attacked twice either while inactive or after rocket punching and slowly returning to the main body. Also, despite the potential hazard, the elevating platform did not have the ability to crush our heroes to death if they got too close to the ceiling spikes while riding one. Finally, despite its size, Eggman didn’t move the Super Eggrobo Z from its original position.

After the Super Eggrobo Z was defeated, the Egg Utopia Zone fell out of space and exploded, all the small animals were saved, and Cream reunited with Vanilla.

XX Zone Final Boss Battle: Sonic VS Dr. Eggman & the Super Eggrobo Z
Sonic was able to jump and hit the Super Eggrobo Z in the head without using the platforms.

XX Zone Final Boss Battle: Cream & Cheese VS Dr. Eggman & the Super Eggrobo Z
Cream safely stood at a safe distance while Cheese took out both of the mech’s arms and head within 2 minutes.

XX Zone Final Boss Battle: Tails VS Dr. Eggman & the Super Eggrobo Z
Tails could use the platforms at low heights in order to reach its head with a Spin Jump.

XX Zone Final Boss Battle: Knuckles VS Dr. Eggman & the Super Eggrobo Z
Knuckles could outpunch the Super Eggrobo Z’s fists and glide into its head when it wasn’t shooting lasers.

XX Zone Final Boss Battle: Amy VS Dr. Eggman & the Super Eggrobo Z
Amy had to use the second and third elevating platforms in order to hit the Super Eggrobo Z in the head.

Sonic Battle – Death Egg




Dr. Eggman created a Death Egg and used it to trick Emerl into forming a Link with him.

It was also one of the few Death Eggs that had a laser weapon, the Final Egg Blaster, which was strong enough to destroy a star.

Using teleporter technology made by Tails, Emerl was able to enter the Death Egg from Angel Island and confront Eggman.

DEATH EGG BOSS #1 (Battle Version): Battle Egg

Boss Bio: The Battle Egg was a red Egg Mobile Eggman used to fight against Emerl on the Death Egg.

This Egg Mobile was capable of spamming missiles and bombs and would self-destruct like Chaos Gamma every time Dr. Eggman was defeated.

However, I don’t think it was ever intended to beat Emerl…

Death Egg Boss Battle (Battle Version): Emerl VS Dr. Eggman & the Battle Egg
Despite occasionally getting caught in Dr. Eggman’s missile combo, Emerl quickly figured out how to beat the Battle Egg.

DEATH EGG FINAL BOSS (Battle Version): Ultimate Emerl
Boss Bio: Ultimate Emerl was a super form Emerl was able to unlock after absorbing an excess amount of power.

Unfortunately, he lost control of himself and was going to use the Death Egg’s Final Egg Blaster to destroy the planet.

In order to stop Ultimate Emerl and prevent the world from being destroyed, Sonic fought him while holding the Master Emerald in an attempt to neutralize the Chaos Emeralds.

Ultimate Emerl’s programming used all of the Copy Data taken from Sonic to create new Copy Data known as the Ultimate Moves, which were powered up versions of Sonic’s techniques made stronger thanks to the Chaos Emeralds. It was almost as if Ultimate Emerl was trying to emulate Super Sonic…

Death Egg Final Boss Battle (Battle Version): Sonic VS Ultimate Emerl
Unfortunately, the Master Emerald broke and Sonic had to defeat Emerl manually.

Sonic had to combo him into submission and be careful not to get caught in any of the Ultimate Moves’ range or risk getting knocked out in a single combo.

Once Ultimate Emerl was defeated, Emerl said “Goodbye” to everyone before disappearing.

Sonic Rush - Dead Line Zone



The Dead Line Zone was a Death Egg created by Dr. Eggman & Eggman Nega.

Besides the duo collab, it has the same gravity altered areas like the other Death Eggs.

However, there were unique gimmicks such as giant missiles, that Sonic & Blaze could grab onto and slightly move to change their direction, special cannons that Sonic & Blaze can run into, remixed from the ones seen in the Egg Utopia Zone, and giant fan blades, that Sonic & Blaze could grab to reach different paths depending on their momentum.

In Act 1, Sonic managed to find a Special Generator, clear Special Stage #7, and collect the Purple Chaos Emerald.

The Egg Pawn Series Badniks checking the boundaries of the Dead Line Zone were:

  • Solid Pawn was a stronger version of Egg Pawn that was originally deployed on the Egg Fleet. A new purple version was working on the spaceship while using Shields for offense and defense. In the past, they could only be destroyed by Knuckles, Omega, Big, & Vector. Fortunately, Sonic & Blaze could easily Boost through them.
  • Egg Pawn Manager SF were gray colored Egg Pawns exclusive to the Dead Line Zone that carried a new version of the Egg Gun. Despite the faster ammo, Sonic & Blaze could jump over or slide under the bullets. I’m not sure what the SF in their name stands for though… Space Force? Special Force?
  • Gun Flapper was a blue version of the Flapper that were given guns.

DEAD LINE ZONE BOSS: Blaze the Cat/Sonic the Hedgehog

Boss Bio: Although Sonic & Blaze managed to run into each other a second time in the Dead Line Zone, they started fighting instead of talking it out. 

Instead of taking the opportunity to get rid of both of them, Eggman & Eggman Nega just watched and ate Egg flavored popcorn.

After doing a huge Boosting Sumo Challenge, where the loser got knocked off the platform, Blaze kicked the Purple Sol Emerald out of Dr. Eggman, and Sonic & Blaze officially became allies.

Sonic Story - Dead Line Rival Boss Battle: Sonic VS Blaze
In Sonic’s Version of the fight, he had to avoid getting burned by Blaze’s fire attacks.

Besides Axel Jumping and Burst Dashing, she could also jump into the air and do Diagonal Burst Dashes that Sonic could outrun.

Overtime, she could even make pillars of fire raise up from below the arena.

Blaze Story - Dead Line Rival Boss Battle: Blaze VS Sonic
In Blaze’s Version of the fight, she had to counter, intercept, and avoid Sonic’s regular moves plus the Blue Tornado.

Blaze had to outrun the suction of each Blue Tornado to avoid getting blown out like a candle.

Sonic could also do the weird Diagonal Spin Dash.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing/Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Egg Hangar



The Egg Hangar was a Car Only Racecourse built inside of a Death Egg.

It was DLC in the first game and returned as a regular racecourse in Transformed.

The Badniks Racers had to be mindful of while driving in the Egg Hangar were:

  • Egg Pawns would try to cross the road on certain areas of the track. They appear to have a slightly different color scheme.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Death Egg Robot Boss Battle



Boss Bio: A new version of the Death Egg Robot was created on an unknown version of the Death Egg.

It was created in an attempt to stop both Sonics in the White World. Classic Sonic got there first though.

This Version had long, extendable arms and stronger armor plates on its chest that Classic Sonic couldn’t break and was using the Green Chaos Emerald as a Power Source.

However, its head and bottom were still vulnerable.

Genesis Era Boss Battle (HD Version): Classic Sonic VS Classic Eggman & the Death Egg Robot
In the first part of the battle, Classic Sonic fought the Death Egg Robot on an elevator.

After dodging its lock-on stab hands, Eggman tried to jump on top of Classic Sonic. Instead, Classic Sonic Spin Dashed out of the way and attacked the Death Egg Robot’s green glowing dump truck of a weak point.

Once the elevator reached the top floor, the Death Egg Robot stomped on the ground and send Classic Sonic onto the new arena.

In this area, Classic Sonic had step onto Switches to teleport timed bombs onto specific platforms. Next, he had to trick Eggman into making the Death Egg Robot stab the bombs to stun the Death Egg Robot. While the Death Egg Robot was recovering, Classic Sonic rolled across its armed and Spin Jumped onto its head.

After 2 hits to the head, the Death Egg Robot was scrambled, Time Eater appeared, took Classic Eggman away, and left Classic Sonic with a pile of scrap metal and the Green Chaos Emerald.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 – Death Egg Mk 2 Zone



The Death Egg Mk 2 Zone was a Death Egg Dr. Eggman managed to build around the entirety of Little Planet. 

Due to the unique Time Zones of Little Planet, I’m guessing that its construction didn’t take long.

Like the original Death Egg, it didn’t have any Badniks. 

At the time of writing this, no one knows what happened to Little Planet or the Death Egg Mark 2 after Sonic & Tails shut it down.

DEATH EGG MARK 2 ZONE ACT 1 BOSS #1: Metal Sonic & the Egg Serpentleaf Mk 2
Boss Bios:
•    Metal Sonic: In this fight, Metal Sonic would charge up giant energy projectiles in midair and throw them at Sonic & Tails.
•    Egg Serpentleaf Mk 2: The Egg Serpentleaf Mark 2 was a defensive Egg Mobile Eggman threw together reusing parts from the Egg Serpentleaf. It could deflect any of Sonic & Tails’ single and Combo Attacks and could rebound Metal Sonic’s giant projectiles back towards our heroes.

Death Egg Mk 2 Zone Boss Battle #1: Sonic & Tails VS Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, & the Egg Serpentleaf Mk 2
Instead of the Egg Serpentleaf MK 2, Sonic & Tails needed to focus on Metal Sonic.

After taking significant damage from Sonic & Tails, Metal Sonic retreated so that Eggman could repair him in time for the big race.

Boss Bio: As his final fight, Metal Sonic challenged Sonic & Tails to one last race.

Death Egg Mk 2 Zone Rival Race: Sonic & Tails VS Metal Sonic
Even with his recent upgrades, he was no match for the speed and power of the Rolling Combo.

After losing and crashing into an electrified door, he fell into the depths of the Death Egg Mark 2.


Boss Bio: The Death Heart was a heart shaped attachment for the Egg Mobile that was powered by the Death Egg Mark 2 itself.

By manipulating electric powered platforms, Eggman tried to zap and beat down Sonic & Tails before trying to invade the planet.

The only downside to the Death Heart is that it was fully connected to the Death Egg Mark 2, so if it ever stopped beating, there would be a major power outage.

Death Egg Mk 2 Zone Final Boss: Sonic & Tails VS Dr. Eggman & the Death Heart
Sonic & Tails would hop across the platforms and try to hit the non-spiky parts of the Egg Heart.

As time went on, electricity would start pouring out of parts of the platforms and parts of the platforms were break off entirely.

Eggman tried to put a shield up but it got bodied by a Rolling Combo.

Once the Death Heart starting experiencing Heart Burn, Sonic & Tails took 2 escape pods back home.

Sonic Forces - Prison Hall



Prison Hall was one of the many prisons built inside the Eggman Empire Army’s Death Egg.

Many members of the Resistance, plus anyone Eggman didn’t like, could be found there.

After the Resistance got news that Modern Sonic was alive and imprisoned somewhere on the Death Egg, they used the space shuttle they “borrowed” from the Spaceport, snuck aboard the Death Egg, and sent soldiers inside to try and find Modern Sonic.

While searching for Modern Sonic in Prison Hall, Resistance Soldiers shot down groups of Badniks, with their Wispons, used the Special Actions of their Wispons, to reach higher areas of the prison, rush through a Quick Step hallway, while being chased by Egg Chasers, and ran past many Red Eyes, which were scanning for intruders in the background but couldn’t really do anything to stop them.

The Sentinel Series Badniks that Resistance Soldiers had to outgun and outrun in Prison Hall were:

  • Egg Pawns created by the Phantom Ruby had an egg colored paintjob, a different set of eyes, and 2 guns for hands. Unfortunately, they were better in quantity than quality since they’re so slow and weak. A human child using a basic Burst Wispon could take out a 100 Egg Pawns alone.
  • Buzz Bomber was a bee Badnik originally created by Dr. Eggman. Despite being created by the Phantom Ruby, the Sentinel Series Buzz Bombers still flew around areas and stopped to shoot at intruders with their stinger guns. They were at least smarter than the average Buzz Bomber, though. Even if their target was able to run past them, they will simply turn around to face them while still charging and then fire their slightly faster stinger projectiles at them. The Resistance Soldiers could defeat Buzz Bombers with Wire Attacks or any of the Wispons’ Basic Attacks.
  • Egg Chasers were Egg Pawns equipped with Aero Chaser jetpacks and weapons. Egg Chasers were fast enough to fly in front of Sonic while he’s running and try to fire lasers at him. The Sentinel Series Egg Chasers were the best because they actually kept their eyes on the road while flying and only turned around to quickly beam down their lasers. As a result, they never crashed into anything and never gave anyone in the Resistance a chance to counterattack. A few of them appeared one by one in a narrow hallway with narrow paths to try and tag Resistance Soldiers. Fortunately, the Resistance teaches quickstepping to Soldiers in Basic Training so they can avoid certain Badnik attacks while running.

Sonic Forces – Phantom Copy Zavok & Death Queen Boss Battle



Boss Bios:

  • Phantom Copy Zavok was an almost perfect copy of Zavok the Zeti created by Infinite using the Phantom Ruby. Despite being able to talk, he could not spit fire like the original. After Sonic defeated him, the Ruby Mist inside him broke apart and disappeared.
  • Death Queen was a giant Buzz Bomber, designed similarly to the other Sentinel Series Buzz Bombers, that was created to protect the Death Egg from intruders or crush any escaped prisoners. The Death Queen was armed with lasers and had a stinger boost attack.

Death Egg Boss Battle (Forces Version): Modern Sonic VS Phantom Copy Zavok, Death Queen, & Buzz Bombers
When the Death Queen slammed into the area, Modern Sonic used the momentum to launch himself into the air and use several Homing Attacks on Phantom Copy Zavok.

Sonic Forces – Egg Gate



The Egg Gate was an area outside of the Death Egg, where Modern Sonic managed to escape being tossed in space.

After defeating PC Zavok and questioning his disappearing act, Modern Sonic soon discovered that he was in space this whole time and tried to find a way back home. 

The Sentinel Series Badniks that failed to stop Modern Sonic from escaping through the Egg Gate were:

  • Buzz Bombers were floating in areas outside, giving Modern Sonic access to multiple paths via his Homing Attack.
  • Egg Pawns were waiting throughout the zone, but failed to catch Modern Sonic.
  • A trio of Egg Chasers tried to tag Modern Sonic while he was rail grinding. He was able to Grind Step past their lasers but wasn’t able to find anything to counterattack them with.

Sonic Forces – Death Egg



The Death Egg was a path Classic Sonic took to reach the Death Egg power generator.

It was like a remixed version of the Sonic 3&K Version of the Death Egg Zone except with the Sentinel Series Badniks.

The Sentinel Series Badniks that failed to stop Classic Sonic from ruining the Death Egg were:

  • Buzz Bombers were flying in the halls but got Spin Jumped before they could even pull the trigger on their weapons.
  • Egg Pawns tried to drop onto Sonic from higher areas but got chopped by Sonic’s Spin Jump and Spin Dash instead.
  • Gatling Pawns were upgraded versions of the regular Sentinel Series style Egg Pawns. Identified by their silver paintjobs, they were quicker to react to intruders and fired 3 rounds of ammo from their gun hands before stopping to check if the target was still alive. However, once they picked a target, they could only fire bullets in their direction.

Sonic Forces – Laser Cannon 1



Laser Cannon 1 was a secret Death Egg base that was discovered after the Death Egg was destroyed.

Modern Sonic explored the area and found Laser Wheels, rotating wheels that shot 2 long beams out of 2 sides.

After bypassing the Laser Wheels, Modern Sonic found a Drill Wispon Blueprint.

Sonic Forces – Plasma Cannon 2



Plasma Cannon 2 was another hidden Death Egg Base that was discovered after the Resistance found and collected 120 Red Star Rings.

Modern Sonic explored the area while dodging the Disco Cannons, which shot out 8 projectiles in 8 different directions and were first used in Starlight Carnival.

At the end of the area, Modern Sonic collected a Void Wispon Blueprint.


Death Egg Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is the Best Death Egg Zone in the Sonic Games? If you can’t pick one, which are your Top Favorites?

2. What is the Worst Death Egg Zone in the Sonic Games? If you can’t pick one, which are your Bottom Tier Picks?

3. What are your favorite Death Egg Music Track(s)?

4. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Death Eggs in the Sonic Games?

5. What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with the Death Egg Zones, that haven’t been done yet, in Sonic games?

Special Discussion Questions
6. Are there any other concepts or ideas from Star Wars that you feel could work in the Sonic Series?

7. Could Scrapnik Island work in a Sonic Game?

8. What’s your favorite Death Egg outside of the Sonic Games?

9. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

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1. Will always have a special place in my heart for the Death Egg in Sonic 2, as it is the first difficult level in my memory that I ever had to beat. Even knowing the cheat codes doesn't help since there are no rings. I remember my mother and father and six year old me trying to figure out how to beat Robotnik. But my personal favorite is always going to be Sonic 3&K's Death Egg. The art, the music, it's all fantastic, and the gravity gimmicks are just as frustrating as they are fun.

2. The worst one I think might be Sonic Generations. I appreciate the throwback like any nostalgic fan, but the battle was much too easy. 

3. The original Sonic 2 soundtrack sounded like a demented robotic waltz, which was unsettling but comforting at the same time. Don't know how but it was. Really like that one.

4. It's been done before where old bosses/machines reappear in the final level, but wouldn't it be fun to have former enemies show up too? I'm thinking Silver/Mecha Sonic, Metal Sonic, that Emerl copy robot (can't remember the name,) etc. That might be a lot of trouble to put together, though.

5. What if there were a time-warp feature, like in Sonic CD, where Sonic and Eggman go between the different Death Eggs from the past and future? That would be pretty cool, each different version offering its own unique challenges. 

And...that's the limit of my current capacity to think! Haha.

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1. The first Death Egg Zone from Sonic 2 always left the biggest impression on me, with the climatic ending with Tails coming back with the tornado to help Sonic reach the ship just in time before it goes out of orbit, then finally reaching the Death Egg you fight 2 bosses with no rings. The fact that you have no rings makes my heart race every single time, because I know one slip up could cost me to restart.

2. I don't think I've played enough Death Egg Zone stages to determine the worst one, but the worst one I've played is probably Sonic 4 Episode 1, it is literally just a glorified boss rush.

3. Death Egg Zone from Sonic 2.

4. I would LOVE to see the rail grinding between space stations thing that happened in Sonic Forces, because although the level design doesn't show it, going through the Death Egg Zone and the fleet outside is actually a really cool idea for many reasons.

5. I would love to see the Death Egg be merged with the moon, I think that would be really cool especially from how if we're going by the lore, the eclipse cannon destroyed half of the moon so there would be an opening for Eggman to go inside the moon and create a base, even transform the moon to make his own Eggman Land or whatever. But in summary, Death Egg in the moon would be awesome.

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1. My favorite is Egg Utopia from Sonic Advance 2. I love Sonic Advance 2 in general, but Egg Utopia has a special feel that's missing from any other Eggman base level in any other game: it feels like a subway station. The level design, aside of a few unfair spots, is also great; this zone pushes the physics of the game to the limit and there's probably the only half pipe terrain in the whole game, followed by a part where, if you roll fast enough to fly up, you are supposed to bounce on badniks to reach the next platform. Rail grinding in open space is also cool, it was in Adventure 2 and it is in Advance 2 too; a few other games have it, but due to the rails being more and more automated, the lack of risk of falling make it look dull.

2. Worst Death Egg is either Silver Castle (Sonic Blast in general sucks), Sonic 2's unintuitive final boss fight with no rings, or MK2. XX Zone is also kinda boring, but not worse than the few listed earlier.

3. Egg Utopia here as well... Advance 2's soundtrack is epic. 3&K's Death Egg music is also cool.

4. I'd like to see a Metroid-like countdown sequence where you have to escape a falling Death Egg as fast as possible (Triple Trouble 16bit did something similar already). Also those gravity cylinders from Sonic Adventure 2 in the Ark's level with Shadow, in another 3D Death Egg level. Another new idea could be that the Death Egg has several artificial biomes inside it, such as a typical grasslnand/Green Hill part, a sea biome with underwater sections, an ice cave part, etc. The Space Colony Ark had a little bit of Labyrinth Zone inside its core, a new zone where the gimmick is to have other mini-zones inside itself and still be consistent to a single overall environment would be cool (still Metroid inspired, Fusion and Other M had space stations with terraformed areas of different biomes).

5. See the final part of point 4. If that's too generic, then a carnival-type Death Egg Zone. Something like Eggmanland but in space with gravity twists.

6. I'm not a big Star Wars fan so I don't know much... but maybe the pod racers thing. I don't know how to implement them, but a minigame with a modified Tornado might work. Sonic is not new to racing minigames or spin-offs, but something that mixes a flight simulator in a canyon where you have to tilt your vehichle in order to fit into small spaces, and a reference to ancient Rome at the same time, is kinda new to the series I think.

7. Why not... maybe as a hub world/open zone, with paceful areas, along with deeper wild areas with ruined badniks out of control that will attack you (or other hazards).

8. I don't know really, maybe the Face Ship from the Metal Virus... but I'm not sure, I don't follow many different Sonic media outside of the games.

9. Regarding Advance 2, I don't think that the game happens on an island. The one shown in the intro of the game is likely just Music Plant, and if you look carefully, there's still more land in the background, far away. I think it happens on the big continent and near Station Square too, since Angel Island (offcourse Sky Canyon, why would Knuckles be there if it was not Angel Island) is floating near the place, and there's a big city in the background that remains unvisited because after Techno Base you go in space. If not Station Square, maybe Central City, since Adventure 2, Shadow, Battle and (now not canon) Chronicles also happen there, and I think that all the games of that era are set around that location (Rush too, it has bridges over sea, GUN robots and a Metal Harbor-like areas, it's almost certainly near Central City). But yeah the point is that I don't think it happens on an island, it's likely just the big continent where the Adventure games also happen and humans live.

The Super Eggrobo Z bossfight in Sonic Advance 2 is probably inspired by all the other final bosses of the original classic trilogy. There are crushing pillars from S1, the Death Egg Robot with the ability to launch its hands at you, from S2, and the big laser from the final boss of Sonic 3 & Knuckles; the Super Sonic boss is also a revamped version of Doomsday Zone, with a similar way of defeating the boss as well... basically, the game celebrates the classics in its own weird way.

On 5/5/2023 at 3:49 AM, Sonictrainer said:

XX Zone Final Boss Battle: Cream & Cheese VS Dr. Eggman & the Super Eggrobo Z
Cream safely stood at a safe distance while Cheese took out both of the mech’s arms and head within 2 minutes.

I find this funny because my strategy with Cream is to fly just above its head, cancel flight and drop on it, repeat and destroy the boss in a matter of seconds. A few days ago something weird happend: I did this without breaking the hands first, and as I bounced back from the head, Cream bounced on the launched hand and gained enough heigth to hit the head once again... I repeated this twice until the robot shoot the laser and broke the chain, but it was so funny that it made me laugh a lot. You can also fit a Cheese attack here and there (especially while waiting for the laser to disappear), but in general that way makes it slower and less fun. Tails is even more broken than Cream BTW, he can fly near the head and damage it multiple times with the spinning tails' hitbox; each damage delays the laser, so you can KO it in no time.

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Alright, it's over a week...

Time to answer my own Discussion Questions!


1. What is the Best Death Egg Zone in the Sonic Games? If you can’t pick one, which are your Top Favorites?

Death Egg 2 (Death Egg's Eye + Death Egg's Hangar/Sonic Fighters)

It has a cool design and I enjoyed the fights with Metal Sonic & the E-Mech.


2. What is the Worst Death Egg Zone in the Sonic Games? If you can’t pick one, which are your Bottom Tier Picks?

Death Egg Zone (Sonic 2)

Even though Sonic 2 was my first Sonic game and I love the designs of Mecha Sonic & the Death Egg Robot, I hate Final Zones that force you to fight or do a level with 0 Rings on Normal Difficulty.


3. What are your favorite Death Egg Music Track(s)?

  • Never Let it Go (Death Egg's Eye)
  • What U Need (Dead Line Zone)
  • Nowhere to Run (Prison Hall)

4. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Death Eggs in the Sonic Games?

I'd love a Sonic Adventure Sky Chase/Tornado Defense Style space fight that leads to the Death Egg

We almost got something similar to that in Egg Gate and with "The End" in Sonic Frontiers


5. What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with the Death Egg Zones, that haven’t been done yet, in Sonic games?

I think a cooler room would be cool, something like Ice Factory but in space


6. Are there any other concepts or ideas from Star Wars that you feel could work in the Sonic Series?

It'd be cool to see lightsabers in some shape or form...


7. Could Scrapnik Island work in a Sonic Game?

Yes, especially if Dr. Eggman tries to destroy it.


8. What’s your favorite Death Egg outside of the Sonic Games?

I like the Wily Egg from the Sonic & Mega Man crossover


9. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

Sonic Games World Tour #4: Angel Island Zones will be coming soon

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22 hours ago, Sonictrainer said:


It'd be cool to see lightsabers in some shape or form...

Funnily enough, the franchise has done that before. There's an episode of Sonic Boom where Sonic ends up in an alternate dimension where an eviler Eggman rules Hedgehog Village with an iron fist, and happens to wield a lightsaber-like weapon. Kinda like in that episode, it would be cool to have a fight in the games where Sonic actually gets to fight Eggman in person, one-on-one.

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