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Dreadknux's Diaries: The Final Look, Before SSNG!


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Well, at long long last, the new look Sonic Stadium site is finally finished! This month was a bit hectic as I realised that many a fan was waiting for this site and its new look (much to my unawares). Finished every single page, but as soon as I finished some sections (i.e. Fan Hoaxes), some people send me MORE! Ah well, I guess this is what being a dedicated webmaster is all about.

I've taken a ruling to myself this month too - I only update a little, and therefore often. Usually I try to update with everything given to me, but now I'm turning a new leaf. This'll make it easier for me to make more updates in the future. Here's to the Sonic Stadium!

Still waiting for my GameCube, it'll arrive May 3rd in the UK...

Andrew Wolan, of post-Emulation Zone, now 'ZRN fame, has offered myself (and other ZRN members) a new home for Sega Sonic Radio - with more space! This gives me the chance to do whatever I want with the Station, whereas with Live 365 I was wary of MP3 space. The new home will not be for a month or so yet though - I've gotten so many MP3s to upload to it...

One factor of hell this month must be another.com. Why would the monkeys ask for money this time around huh? Have they got nothing better to do than ask for 15 sodding quid a year just to have the privilege of having email? Sorry, Dread officially says "arse" to another.com. Anyway, hiding out at yahoo's email now, and it's much better thanks...

Sonic Guy gets it in the neck on the Message Board, for seemingly no reason at all. I stick up for him, and all hell breaks loose. Sad, that. Still, all's better now on the MB front.

Anyway, finishing off the final touches to the Stadium now, and everyone seems to be so excited for the re-opening, which will be... around... how does March 2nd strike you? Nice one...


The main page I was working on before the SSNG-ified layout...

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