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Sonic Fan Club News: Super Sonic Fan #1's Game - New Details

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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Fan Club News: Super Sonic Fan #1's Game - New Details at some point.

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EXCLUSIVE: Super Sonic Fan #1 has truly taken a shine to games developing, as his first and most ambitious Fan Game proves. Here's the info from the e-mail straight from SSF#1...



...First of all, it will be in full 3D, just like the 2 Sonic Adventures. Second, unlike the Dreamcast games, you will be able to play as Super Sonic in any of Sonic's levels, I am also adding a new secret character to the mix, Ultra Sonic... I won't get into details about him yet. Tails and Knuckles will be there as secret characters.

The whole plot is simple - Eggman has rebuilt the Death Egg and it's up to you to stop him, again. I will send you a demo when the first level is completed. The fight to get the Chaos Emeralds involves you racing against Shadow to get more rings,(I know what happened to Shadow in the end of SA2)... The first level will be a beach, just to let you know.

Sonic will have all of his abilities from SA2, and his transformation to Super Sonic will be DBZ style, which I think will be cool. There will even be a 3D Flying Battery Zone if SEGA allows it.


SSF#1's hopes are high, and so are mine - we may have a 3D Fan Game war on our hands. Since Sonic Team Junior's taking their time with their game, (plus it's sprite rendered, making headaches liable - to me anyway), SSF#1 is opting for proper 3D meshes and the like. BUT WAIT! There's more from the big S:



"I'm sorry, but since I have yet to get past character development, I can't get any screenshots at this time, but I have got level designs on paper for levels 1-3. I'll tell ya, level three is MASSIVE! There is like, 70 robots throughout level 3.

"Hidden Palace won't be too bad graphically, but it might be too easy. This will probably be the second 3D fan game out there. Mine might be better than SRB2, because my game will have camera rotation, as well as a homing attack."


Meow! Catfight! ^_^ 'Better than SRB2' eh? Let's just hope so - maybe it sounds like it'll be on a par with SA! Plus, demos will be going out to Sonic HQ, BUT stick with the Sonic Stadium, as Dreadknux will be getting his grubby mitts on a SPECIAL EDITION DEMO, including a first person view and the like, exclusive ONLY to this site! Wow indeed. More news as I get it.

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