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Sonic Channel Calendar May 2023: Superhero Vector Saves Vanilla

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Superhero Vector Protects Vanilla in May 2023's Sonic Channel Calendar Artwork at some point.

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Ok, didn't see that coming...

Also, I'm just going to google translate these myself.



Sonic Channel Blog Post Translation: Two characters appear every month in surprising outfits and situations! Let's enjoy Ogiri together with illustrations that will involuntarily make you fantasize!

This time, a Vector that looks like an American comic hero and a Vanilla that looks like an adult are here! What is the mysterious giant robot approaching far beyond the night town...?

What kind of lines and narration would you give?

May 2023 Calendar PDF Link: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/calendar_2305.pdf

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Vanilla looks like a "lady of the night" if thats what they mean by "adult". 

They've taken a sweet, caring mother figure and done something thats waaaaay out there ans pushing the boundries...Rouge, I'd accept / get but Vanilla!?? wft were sega thinking?  Lol

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...The Twitter post for this artwork refers to Vanilla as the "bar's specialty mama". And courtesy of a friend, that term could refer to a Mama-san, who are basically woman of authority for bars, night clubs, or geisha houses. So, Vanilla is more the manager of a nightclub/bar than a "lady of the night". And I don't really see how you can come to that conclusion by her appearance in here.

In any case, very great to see Vanilla with a new appearance for once lol And Vector looking a bit like All Might with Kamina's sunglasses. Very nice artwork for the month of my birth.

Still salty that Cream had to take another L in these polls though

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Before Google Translating, “adult” is written as オトナ. While than can be translated as adult, it has more connotations with things like sophistication than it does with that sort of thing. It’s adult the sense that caviar is adult, you know? Anyway, I’m loving the art for this month as always!

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Ok, 2 things

Vector's Superhero Name is Vectorman

Also, his pose is based on the other Vectorman


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