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Sonic and Friends Battle an Army of Fakers in IDW Sonic #59, Out Now

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Sonic and Friends Battle an Army of Fakers in IDW Sonic #59, Out Now at some point.

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The third issue in IDW Sonic’s Eggperial City arc is out today in comic shops and on IDW’s website and Comixology! This issue sees Sonic and friends battling Shadow androids while trying to take down Dr. Eggman’s self-repairing & expanding Eggperial City.

Check out the official solicit, cover variants, and preview pages below:


Androids everywhere! Three teams are trapped in Eggperial City, fighting wave after wave of androids. Sonic is speeding, Amy is smashing, Tails is flying. Shadow is punching, Omega is ripping, Rouge is…looting. But will it be enough? And has anyone seen Tangle?!

Preview pages:

idw59-prev1.jpeg idw59-prev2.jpeg idw59-prev3.jpeg idw59-prev4.jpeg idw59-prev5.jpeg

Cover variants:

idw59-cover1.jpeg idw59-cover2.jpeg idw59-cover3.jpeg

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That was a great Issue to read especially Shadow battling the Shadow Androids & Team Dark as well. The artwork for the panels are fantastic by the artists as well.

My favourite thing about this Issue Is the Cover B art of Shadow & the Shadow Androids In the background as well. Overall I enjoyed Issue #59 thought It was great. 

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