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Could 06 be remade using the Frontiers concept?


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Playing around with the jukebox on Frontiers and listening to Wave Ocean made me nostalgic for 06. Not played it since my ps3 days and it go me thinking if it COULD (maybe even should?) be remastered a la the recent Mafia redo using the frontiers model / engines as a base? I confess, its been too long since i've played it and would like to see some sort of access to it on ps5.

I still think a great game was hidden beneath the mess, and think its worth a revisit from sega at some point. The open world sections of soleana would very much suit the open world style and mechanics of frontiers, levels could run off the similar style of the cyberspace stages, the speed levels could just be short boost and homing attack style levels and the rainbow gems could act as power upgrades like the koco do.

I know its a pie in the sky fantasy, but still...i think it could work. 


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  • The title was changed to Could 06 be remade using the Frontiers concept?

It’s very much possible. I’ve once said that Frontiers plays like what Sonic 06 should’ve played if it was actually finished.

That said, it’s not likely we’ll see a remake of it as a whole than we will a retry of its ideas and mechanics. With the fourth DLC coming by the end of this year, we’re said to get multiple playable characters, which is a return to that Adventure-style where format Sonic 06 tried to do—whether we get these characters playable in the open world or in just specific areas like Cyberspace (which would be a massive letdown given how I actively avoid those sections) remains to be seen.

So any remastering of Sonic 06 as a game will probably take around a decade at best if I want to be optimistic. Realistically? Yeah, that’s a bit of a pie in the sky fantasy, but I share your sentiments nonetheless.

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I've actually thought several times that Frontiers really is what 06 was -trying- to be. That TGS teaser is exactly what I wantred 06 to be and that's pretty much what Frontiers is.

Honestly, I would be all for a 06 remake in the frontiers style, but I sincerely doubt they'd touch a 06 remake with a 10 foot pole. After all, the story, particularly mostly Elise's involvement and also Sonic's death, is still a sore sticking point in the community. And several things would have to be entirely reworked, like town missions and stuff like that.

I like to put it this way, as much as I am nostalgic for certain aspects of 06, it had very flawed ideas not just from the execution standpoint, but also from the conceptual standpoint. Certain things about the game were never going to be different regardless of how much time in the oven it had. I do believe the Amigo System could be salvaged and made good, at least.

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