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Anyone else own 6-Pak/Mega 6 Volume 3?


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Something I've always wondered about my copy of Genesis 6-Pak (I'm guessing it would apply to the European equivalent, Mega 6 Vol 3, as well) is that there is a (very minor) bug in Sonic 1. Specifically, in Scrap Brain zone some of the graphics in the background of the level are screwed up, and I was just wondering whether this has ever been noticed.

There isn't a ROM of either of the games anywhere that I can find, so I am unable to ask with pictures, but it seems as if something related to the animation of the background is glitched in this compilation (in both acts). Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

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Nope - I've never noticed any graphical glitches in the Mega 6 version of Sonic 1 (with the exception of the clipping errors that were always present due to the MegaDrive's limited sprite rendering capabilities).

Maybe the bugs are occurring due to some dust on the cartridge contacts? I know it sounds like a stupidly cliché scapegoat, but I've encountered many a glitch at the hands of dirty contacts. I recommend using a cotton wool bud or some wet-wipe clad chopsticks, although hyperventilation does usually solve the problem easily enough...

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