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Sonic Advance to Stay True to Mega Drive Classics


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Those of you wondering whether Sonic Advance will stay true to the classic Mega Drive titles or be something else entirely can be rest assured that the blue blur's GBA adventure will play just like the original games, with excellent level design.

That's according to a new hands-on preview of the game at the Hobby World Fair in Tokyo this past weekend. Not only is the game looking promising (IGN played two stages from a 'New Green Hill Zone') but it's not a remake in any way, shape or form (like Sonic Pocket Adventure on Neo Geo Pocket Color was).

We know that Sonic can grind on rails, but the preview also reveals some new info: he can pull himself up from poles, run along water and grab onto levers and pulleys.

You can read more, as well as see a bunch of videos of the game in action, on IGN's preview page.

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