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HD Offscreen Sonic 06 Alpha Footage From TGS 2005 Presentation Released

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This topic was good and got turned into HD Offscreen Sonic 06 Alpha Footage From TGS 2005 Presentation Released at some point.

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As bad as Sonic 2006 ended up being, I still have fond memories of the lead-up to the game’s release. Among them, I remember sitting at my desktop computer, watching a poor quality video of a “real time day night system” from the game’s TGS 2005 tech demo, recorded off-screen by the now-defunct game website Kikizo. While the feature wouldn’t make it into the final game, seventeen years later we’ve finally been afforded a better look at the game’s alpha footage.

Kikizo founder Adam Doree uploaded the footage, as part of a wider effort to release the website’s footage at a level of quality the internet wasn’t capable of in 2005. The footage give us our best look yet at Sonic 2006’s 2005 build, including the epic E3 2005 trailer.

Unfortunately, as noted earlier, this footage is still offscreen, but this is likely the best we’ll get until the TGS footage is either leaked to the internet or released officially by SEGA.

You can find the footage for Sonic 2006, and for the “SEGA the Future” presentation it was a part of, at Adam Doree’s channel here, or embedded below:

In addition to the Sonic 2006 footage, he also has footage for Fifth Phantom Saga, a canceled Sonic Team first person shooter. We reported on that here.

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I sure remember this from waaaay back in the day - had me glued to my small screen thinking about the possibilities from that opener. 

I think I've said elsewhere, but the entire promise from the non-gameplay footage has only now been properly realised with Sonic Frontiers. For all of '06's faults there was a real hype at the start - and most of it came from this initial reveal. But now I feel like I can do all that stuff from the trailer in Frontiers - from running freely through forests to fighting hordes of enemies and turning into Super Sonic for epic battles.

It just took a further 17 years for Sonic Team to achieve this with better game direction and improved hardware. 

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The loss of the day/night cycle in levels is lamentable. I think one of the greater strengths of 06 was the way levels had this dynamic, almost storied sense of progress to them like in Adventure 1, and a dynamic time of day system could have really stood to elevate that. I'm at least glad that the idea got realized properly in Frontiers.

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