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High Quality Footage for Canceled Sonic Team Game “Fifth Phantom Saga” Resurfaces

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This topic was good and got turned into High Quality Footage for Canceled Sonic Team Game “Fifth Phantom Saga” Resurfaces at some point.

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The mid-2000s were a wild time for games. Technology was advancing at an amazing pace, developers were playing with unprecedented HD visuals and motion controls, and the idea of Sonic Team making a first person shooter wasn’t absurd, but simple reality. Said FPS, “Fifth Phantom Saga,” was initially shown at Sony’s big PS3 reveal at E3 2005, before eventually getting a more in-depth showing later that year at the Tokyo Game Show.

The game would never see the light of day, and very little media from it has ever been released. That is what makes today’s piece of news so cool: high quality off-screen footage of the game’s TGS trailer and Yuji Naka-presented tech demo has been uploaded by Adam Doree, founder of the now-defunct video game website Kikizo. The footage, which was recorded by Kikizo, has only ever been available in low quality until now, due to the limitations of the internet at the time.

You can check out the footage over at Adam Doree’s Youtube channel, or in the embed below:


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