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How to use the Sonic News Forum


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The Sonic News forum aims to be a collaborative landing zone for the latest happenings in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. It's a place for the Sonic Community to comment and discuss all of the news and features that have been formally written by the Sonic News staff team, but we also want to encourage the Sonic Community to contribute with news and information they may find interesting.

This forum is tied with the Sonic News section of the reconstructing Sonic Stadium platform, which is currently in Beta and subject to design changes and feature tweaks. As a result, not all news stories we formally cover may be represented on the SSMB Forums just yet by us. For a current full-picture of our Sonic coverage, please also visit our Wordpress blog site, where we continue to post all of our news reports for the time being.

How It Works

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    Whenever a news article is written by the Sonic News team (like this), a topic is automatically created for that article and posted in here (like this).
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    The news article and the topic are linked; whether you choose to post a comment directly on the Sonic News story, or as a post on the associated forum topic, your message will be visible in both areas.
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    If you come across some news that you think the community would be interested in, that the Sonic News team has not yet covered (you'll know if it hasn't because there won't be a topic in this forum), you can create your own topic in the Sonic News forum and share the information you have found.
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    You don't have to be a professional writer or write out a full-on news story to contribute - simply posting a link with some contextual information / opinions will be enough. In other words, just write your topic as if you were making a standard forum topic. Just make sure that you share the original source of any information (i.e. try to avoid second-hand reports or tweets from news sites or outlets, unless they are the original/exclusive source of the information), as it benefits the community when they know exactly where things come from.
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    While your topic is active, other Sonic Community members can comment on the news you have shared. The Sonic News editorial team will also spot your topic and determine whether it is worth covering on the Sonic News side of the website, in the meantime.
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    If your topic makes its way to the Sonic News frontpage, your Sonic Stadium account will be rewarded with special Achievement badges and Points that go towards increasing your Sonic Community Rank. Your topic will also be linked to the resulting Sonic News article, meaning that any replies made up to that point will instantly be treated as News comments!

    Any topics that aren't determined to be newsworthy may either be left on the forum for further discussion or moved into the 'Sonic Chat' discourse forums, so whatever happens you will still be able to keep the chat going with your friends!

Filtering Topics

This forum uses a 'fluid' topic view, which displays all threads in a single page with a filter toggle. Users can choose to filter out the specific categories of news topics they wish to see, making the thread list more relevant.

On Desktop view, you can currently see this option displayed on the right hand side of the page, in its own column.


On Mobile view, it's a little less obvious but you can find the toggle settings in a dropdown menu underneath the forum introduction.


Please note that the current design, sidebar setup and features of this forum are subject to change and will be adapted over time. Feedback on this is appreciated in the Sonic Stadium Update thread related to this change.

Many thanks in advance for your comments, shares and conversations!

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