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Sonic & Shadow 'Super Situation Figure' Showcased at WonderFes 2023, Pre-Orders Start Summer 2023

Shiny Gems
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Japanese anime figure company S-FIRE has revealed an updated prototype of its upcoming Sonic Adventure 2-inspired Sonic and Shadow statue. First announced at the Wonder Festival Japan expo in 2022, the model manufacturer has showcased the latest version of the product at the same convention over the weekend. Pre-orders for the statue will start in Summer 2023.



As you can see from the high-res images S-FIRE posted today, the "Super Situation Figure: Sonic & Shadow" statue is looking much more vibrant and intense since we last saw it a year ago. Sonic franchise creative director, Kazuyuki Hoshino, revealed that some alterations were even made since the figure's last appearance, based on fan feedback:

  • Shadow's mouth has been moved to the front side
  • The rings now have a shiny effect on them
  • Sonic's SOAP shoes have been completely redesigned, referring more closely to the shoes that feature in the Sonic Frontiers DLC last year

SEGA Japan's official Sonic Twitter channel was present at the Wonder Festival Japan 2023 and shared some photos of the statue on display. You can check them out below, or by clicking the link to their Twitter post.






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Here it is. It is apparently based on Sonic Adventure 2, given Sonic's shoes. It looks very cool, if you ask me. Pretty neat, huh?

Reservations are said to begin this summer.

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This is coming along really nicely! I sadly don’t have much space or money in my life for these kinds of products these days, but I do kinda want one after seeing these photos…

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