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Ken Penders Archie Chat: The Original Robotnik is Never Coming Back

Andrew P
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This topic was good and got turned into Ken Penders Archie Chat: The Original Robotnik is Never Coming Back at some point.

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Ken Penders has been kind enough to sit down with a bunch of avid Archie fans and chat with them about the latest news in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book world. We'll just bring you the highlights from the chat in bite-size form, below. All highlights listed below are quotes from Penders during his chat.



Who's who section of # 101 will have Princess Sally and the Floating Island.

Sonic is at least 16 pages in SONIC #100, while Knuckles is 10.

I can't say regarding Tails and Robotnik, because of what happens in SONIC #97.

I'm going to be dealing in some capacity regarding K20YL during the next year.

Archie has pretty much most issues available for order.

You'll have to ask Karl why (Mina is) a mongoose, as I was not in that.

I'm not sure yet at this juncture when and how the K20YL storyline will be incorporated just yet. All I can say is that it will be.

I did the first drawings of Lara-Su at last year's San Diego comic convention.

I think there's a lot we haven't learned yet about Tails, so you'll have to wait and see.

Sonic is an only child, just like Knuckles.

SA2 comes out in June, just not sure when, (JUNE 19TH) and SONIC #98 is supposed to come out a week later.

Whether or not Lara-Le and Wynmacher have a bundle of joy is another matter, one I haven't decided upon yet.

Knuckles won't be in SONIC #102 and 103 at this point, as Justin is going to be using an inventory story.

Basically, as I am writing and drawing the Knuckles stories, Justin wanted to give me a break in order to allow me to get ahead of schedule, and he didn't want anyone else doing Knuckles at this point.

I'm also considering doing a talent search, looking for an assistant who can either help me update this website or one who might be able to help me out with the pencilling or inking. The old artists are working on other things, and I'd rather work with new talent I can train. Anyone interested please e-mail me basic info about yourself and what you're interested in doing, and what your talents are. Anyone wishing to e-mail me can do so at Sonic@kenpenders.com or KenPenders@kenpenders.com. Before anyone thinks this is a full time job, it's far from it.

I described the new requirements for submitting fan art in the editorial for SONIC #98.

We didn't wish to create a new character, and always felt it made more sense for Robo-Robotnik to become the new Robotnik than any other solution.

I've been working on SONIC since #11, and I've been enjoying it for the most part.

The original Robotnik is dead. We have no plans, NONE, to ever bring that version back.

I haven't read karl's script for SONIC #101, but the Knuckles story definitely affects Sonic and friends without Knuckles being anywhere near them.

Spaz is a real big fan of anime, and Justin has asked me to incorporate more anime style elements into my Knuckles work as well.

Spaz worked on the Sonic story for #98, and he may yet do that Sonic project him and I were planning for the Super Specials.

I'd like to hear what direction you guys think we should go in regarding the comic.

You'll find out about Tobor and Kragok within the next few issues.



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