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Rating the Mainline Sonic Games.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a franchise, and those have games. I'm gonna review them in two categories. Gameplay and Story. Music is always awesome, and the only game that would score low on visuals is 4.

I am including: 1, 2, CD, 3&K, Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, 06, Rings, Unleashed, Black Knight, 4 ep 1, Colors, Generations, Lost World, Mania, and Forces.

I am excluding: all handheld games, racing games, Shadow, 4 ep 2, and Frontiers. I haven't had enough time to form a true opinion on it. Shadow is obviously a 10/10 in all categories so I'm not gonna waste our time. I refuse to buy anymore of 4.




Sonic 1 is fun, but I dislike a surprising amount of the zones. 7/10

Sonic 2 is nearly perfect, but Tails can't fly in the multiplayer mode and some zones annoy me. 9/10

CD is the same as 2, but no Tails and slightly worse zone. 7/10

3&K is almost perfect, but some zones annoy me. This however doesn't manage to annoy me enough. 10/10

Adventure has some decent modes, two great ones, and fishing. I'm not certain how I feel. 8/10

Adventure 2. I like all the characters, in fact Treasure hunt is my favorite. 9/10

Heroes is fun, but it's kinda slippery. Also I don't like Big's combo finisher. 7/10

06. I love playing this game. I still find new ways to break it. Never has a game brought me this much fun. None of this is meant to be there, so I have to dock points 5/10

Rings. This game is not fun to play. Ever. 1/10

Unleashed. I enjoy the nighttime, and love the daytime levels. 8/10

Black Knight. The only flaw in my CORRECT opinion, but it's not that bad. 5/10

4 1. I hate this game on every level, yet this is the worst part. At the very least I can chuckle at the broken physics, so it's not as bad as Rings. 2/10

Colors. I can enjoy this game. 9/10

Generations. This might be the best one in terms of gameplay. 10/10

Lost World. It's weird. Why does Sonic have a run button, why is his jump so awkward, and why do so many gimmicks suck. 5/10

Mania. This game is the only reason I'm not certain of generations being the best gameplay wise. 10/10

Forces. The avatar is subpar, Modern Sonic is boring, Duo is boring, and Classic is bad. This game is either boring or frustrating, and I never had fun during gameplay. At least I had some chuckles making my avatar, and messing around with the wispons is kinda decent. 3/10


1. Eggman stole animals. Make him stop. 5/10

2. Eggman is back, and he's got better robots. Also there's a new guy who looks up to Sonic. I like him. 7/10

CD. Time travel, and stop Eggman from ruining the future. Also there's a new gal who is in love with Sonic and a robot who wants to defeat Sonic. I like them. 8/10

3&K. Eggman is back, and he's got better robots. Also there's a new guy who gets tricked by Eggman. 8/10

Adventure. Eggman is back, and he's got a god kinda. A dead girl talks about her daddy issues and chaos, Big flies a plane, a Robot dies in a scene that still makes me cry, and Amy has a bird. 10/10

Adventure 2. Eggman is back, and he has a laser. Knuckles has beef and ship tease with Rouge, Tails is a war criminal, The president is a character, Amy is almost shot, Sonic meets Shadow who wants to commit genocide on all of humanity until he finds out he didn't, and Sonic almost dies. Also a child gets shot. 10/10

Heroes. Eggman is back, and he's Metal Sonic. Sonic hangs out with his friends, Vector calls Rouge a broad, Charmy also kills Eggman, Shadow has anime memory loss, Cream lost a chao, Big lost a frog, and Amy lost her mind. Also Metal Sonic is a dragon. 8/10

06. Eggman is back, but there's also a god. Sonic romances a human, Shadow is jesus, Omega will one day betray Shadow, Silver is gullible, Blaze exists, and Amy lost her vision. Also Sonic dies, but then gets kissed and undies, then all the hedgehog minus Amy go golden and kill a god. 7/10

Rings. Sonic is back, and he's in a book. A genie is evil, so you kill him. 9/10

Unleashed. Eggman is back, and he's got a dark god. Sonic's a furry, Amy is dancing without permission, Light God likes sweets, and then he dies. 9/10

Black Knight. Sonic is back, back to the past. Sonic fights a king, Past Knux tries to kill himself, Sonic flirts with past blaze, Past Amy is a goddess, and a woman wants to ruin the world in order to preserve it. This leads to one of my favorite scenes in the entire series, where Sonic tells her that she should value the world as it is, and just enjoy her time on it. He then becomes King Arthur. I love this game. 10/10 and I will not be swayed.

4. There is somehow less story then 1. 1/10

Colors. Every is making bad jokes, or being wisps. 3/10

Generations. The only big cutscene has Sonic friends as cheerleaders. 4/10

Lost World. Zeti. Jerk Tails. Bad Jokes. 1/10.

Forces. Zavok. False advertising. Wimp Tails. Too much cheese. 1/10


1. 6/10

2. 8/10

CD. 7/10 or 8/10

3&K. 9/10

Adventure. 9/10

Adventure 2. 9/10 or 10/10

Heroes.  7/10 or 8/10

06. 06/10 (I didn't plan this)

Rings. 5/10

Unleashed. 8/10 or 9/10

Black Knight. 7/10 or 8/10

4. 1/10 or 2/10

Colors. 6/10

Generations. 7/10

Lost World. 3/10

Forces. 2/10.

NOTE: This is from math. I don't think forces is a 2/10 or 4 a 1/10.


Here's a tier list based on my opinions as a whole. Has some games I didn't include.



Thanks for reading.

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