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Sonic Forces: Speed Battle - Sonic Prime Events (Tails 9 & Rusty Rose)


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Tails 9 & Rusty Rose from the New Yoke City Shatterverse are joining Sonic Forces: Speed Battle


Tails 9 Event (December 15th-24th, 2022)


Tails 9 Info

  • Ingame Bio: "Tails 9 uses fast electric attacks to disable rivals ahead of him, followed by heavy-hitting explosive attacks to keep them off balance."
  • Special Character
  • Speed: 9/10
  • Acceleration: 9/10
  • Strength: 9/10

Tails 9's Battle Items

  • Energy Cannon: This is an exclusive Battle for Tails 9. According to its ingame description, it says its fires projectiles at rivals in front of Tails 9
  • Metal March: This is another exclusive Battle Item for Tails 9. According to its ingame description, it gives Tails 9 a speed boost while damaging any opponents he crawls past.
  • Explosive Mine

Rusty Rose Event (December 28th, 2022 - January 1st, 2023)


Rusty Rose Info

  • Ingame Bio: "Rusty Rose encourages an aggressive play style and excels at punishing rivals ahead of her."
  • Challenger Character
  • Speed: 9/10
  • Acceleration: 5/10
  • Strength: 10/10

Rusty Rose's Exclusive Battle Items

  • Bullet Punch: A rocket punch style projectile that RR can use. She can fire it early for short range or charge it up to get more range & damage.
  • Cyborg Smash: Allows RR to gain speed while midair and causes a stomp when she lands. It doesn't say whether it hurts opponents in the nearby lanes. Probably does when upgraded
  • Crossed Wires: This sounds/appears to be similar to the Lightning Battle Item...


I wonder how many Prime Alts we'll be getting.

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It's exactly the skins I wanted in the game I wanted. They are probably the most interesting new designs for me.

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Tails 9 is the only character in the game with a consistent 9/10s in stats.

Unless his attacks are short/bad range he is slightly overpowered.

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The stats mean surprisingly little in terms of overpowered. 

The moves he gets and how many of them you get at max level is much more important. 

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He is a great character : I played with hm once at level 1 and I won the race!!...
I think his stats will be lowered in a few updates...

And I got him in SONIC DASH TOO : I love his mechanical tails when he goes at max speed!!...
(I'd love to have a drawing reuniting Tails, Classic Tails, Ali Baba, the Blacksmith and Nine!!...)

By the way, Rusty Rose appears very often as a Challenger during Nine's event so you can start collecting cards to unlock her faster when her event starts!!...

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