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For Fun: If Marvel got the Sonic License how would you integrate him into the comics universe?


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This is just wish fulfilment and just a fun idea. Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall had discussed about when Marvel had the licenses of Godzilla, Transformers for the early issues, Rom: Spaceknight and Micronauts that they integrated them into the Marvel Universe and the elements original to those comics remained for the most part they lost the license. Linkara during the Rom retrospective wondered if Marvel tried to do the same with MLP and Steven Universe if they got the licenses.

If Marvel got the license for Sonic comics and tried this: having him a canon Marvel character how could it be pulled off in your head? How to retcon and rewrite his mythology to fit into the universe. Would GUN be a new never before seen department of SHIELD?

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I would imagine something like Howard the Duck. Wise talking cartoon character from another timeline or something that they integrate into the main story through multiverse shenanigans. Like a more family friend Howard the Duck or Rocket Raccoon or something. I would also imagine that they would've stuck a lot closer to the game continuity, and probably would've been tighter story-wise than Archie, but they would still probably introduce a slew of new characters.

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