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Sonic the Hedgehog IDW: Tails 30th Anniversary Issue - Reader Reaction & Review


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I enjoyed it myself and I wish the normal comic was allowed to freely incorporate stuff from the classic era of games like witchcraft’s minions here

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Aaron Hammerstrom: happy new comic book day! 

@IDWPublishing's #IDWSonic Tails 30th anniversary special is out today!

a lot of love and care was put into it and it's a lot of fun! give it a read! hoping we make some Witchcarter fans out of people with this book lol



so on top of doing pencils for the issue, I also got to be the one to update the designs for Witchcart and the Witchcarters! here's their final design lineup!

it was really fun to work with SEGA to bring their sprites to life as drawings!



here's some further concept art I did of how they'd emote, what their vehicles would look like, etc

the sprites were done to see what some design options would look like at sprite scale, to keep their designs simple and not too busy!


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It was alright, but I don't think stretching it for double-length was the right call.

Story is very simple. If Tails fought all henchmen at once it could fit into 20-30 pages, leaving room for a quick back up story or two. As it is, fights feel repetitive. Attack, fail, call Flicky, outwit dummy, rinse and repeat.

Tails is his typical "cute, unsure of himself, growing into hero" shtick. It alright, but must carry the whole story. Flickies aren't very fascinating (although I get the reference, Super Tails and his army of flickies). Wendy is just Grunthilda from Banjo-Kazooie, generic villain that rhymes. Yes Ian, you do like rhyming villains. And heroes stealing the rhyming thing by the end. That joke sure never gets old.
I will say that I like witchcarters a liiiitle more than Archie counterparts. From generic henchmen to cartoony generic henchmen. But that still makes them less interesting than typical Robot Master, Egg Boss or IDW Zeti. I know, mooks are meant to be simple, so heroes and main villain can look better. But like I said, Wendy isn't that great either and Tails kinda goes through the motions.

Artwork is cute. That I can't deny. Notice that Wendy's statue is just Eggman statue with real quick make-over?


Also, something about Sky Patrol always drove me crazy. Tell me I'm not the only one seeing it.
In this CLASSIC adventure TAILS meets.
- Evil human that mostly stays in small vehicle
- Blue, big grin guy, with side of his head having spikes (I mean, spiky cheek-fur)
- Angry strong guy
- Girly girl, (used to be flirty)
Why every single one of them has a Core Cast counterpart (Eggman, Sonic Knuckles, Amy)?

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