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Stillness & Motion the revealed name for the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack

Shiny Gems
Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack "Stillness & Motion" Announced for December 8 at some point.

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There it is. I do hope it is okay to post this. Anyway, as said before, Stillness & Motion is the name of the soundtrack for Sonic Frontiers. What do you all think of this?

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Very cool and fitting name for the soundtrack of Frontiers considering it's themes and environments. Definitely approve.

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6 DISCS???

I don't think I've ever seen a Sonic soundtrack that big before. Most of them range from two to three.

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They've never been bigger than 3, this is insane. I'm gonna need more shelf space! Nowhere is doing preorders yet though sadly.

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Normally they split the larger soundtracks into vocal themes and then the rest. 6 discs is pretty massive. 

Is that the boxart though? Kind of disappointingly boring, actually. 

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I imagine there’s this many tracks because they’ll account for all the different versions of the same song that changes depending on your actions during gameplay so like 

Field theme, Field theme (running), Field theme (battle), and so on

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Are there any ideal sites for ordering to the UK (once orders open)? This is definitely a soundtrack I'd like to pick up physically.

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50 minutes ago, PickleBrows said:

Are there any ideal sites for ordering to the UK (once orders open)? This is definitely a soundtrack I'd like to pick up physically.

Amazon Japan ships globally, so you should be able to buy it from there without any issue.

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Looking quite likely this is the tracklist. Got it from vgmdb, says its still pending but looks legit.





Disc 1 [WWCE-31540]

01 I'm Here (feat. Merry Kirk-Holmes)  
02 Cutscene: Hidden Technology  
03 Cutscene: Arriving on Starfall Islands  
04 Cyber Space 1-1: Database  
05 Cutscene: The Last Piece  
06 Kronos Island: 1st Mvt.  
07 Guardians: First Encounters  
08 Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing  
09 Jingle: Chaos Emerald Vault  
10 Jingle: Create a Bridge  
11 Jingle: Get Chaos Emeralds  
12 Kronos Island: 2nd Mvt.  
13 Cyber Space 1-3: Digital Cave  
14 Guardian: ASURA  
15 Cutscene: Trapped  
16 Cutscene: Intangible Amy  
17 Kronos Island: 3rd Mvt.  
18 Cutscene: Mystery Girl  
19 Cutscene: Sonic on the move  
20 Jingle: Quest - Intro  
21 Jingle: Quest - Start  
22 Quest: SOS Backup  
23 Jingle: Quest - Clear  
24 Cutscene: Purification of Souls  
25 Cyber Space 1-4: Genshi  
26 Cyber Space: Result Screen  

Disc 2 [WWCE-31541]



01 Kronos Island: 4th Mvt.  
02 Cutscene: For Whom  
03 Guardian: SQUID  
04 Cyber Space 1-5: Dropaholic  
05 Kronos Island: 5th Mvt.  
06 Guardian: NINJA  
07 Cyber Space 1-6: Go Back 2 Your Roots  
08 Kronos Island: 6th Mvt.  
09 Cyber Space 1-7: Time Flyer  
10 Guardian: Tower  
11 Kronos Island: 7th Mvt.  
12 Theme of Koco  
13 Fishing Vibes  
14 Jingle: Land a catch  
15 Jingle: Land a new catch  
16 Jingle: Get Vault Keys  
17 Cutscene: Eggman's Notes  
18 Cutscene: No Way Out  
19 Cutscene: Premonition  
20 Cutscene: One Last Wish  
21 Cutscene: Keep your head up  
22 Jingle: Achievement  
23 Titan: GIGANTO  
24 Undefeatable (feat. Kellin Quinn)  
25 Cutscene: To the new frontier  
Disc 3 [WWCE-31542]



01 Cutscene: Super Sonic fallen  
02 Ares Island: 1st Mvt.  
03 Cutscene: Intangible Knuckles  
04 Cyber Space 2-1: Slice & Sway  
05 Guardian: SHARK  
06 Ares Island: 2nd Mvt.  
07 Cutscene: Titan Puppeteer  
08 Guardian: STRIDER  
09 Cyber Space 2-2: Heavenly Sky  
10 Cutscene: Rejection  
11 Ares Island: 3rd Mvt.  
12 Cyber Space 2-3: Nostalgic Sweep  
13 Cutscene: The Vision  
14 Cutscene: Builders of the Ancient Civilization  
15 Ares Island: 4th Mvt.  
16 Cyber Space 2-4: Hype Street  
17 Guardian: Tank  
18 Ares Island: 5th Mvt.  
19 Cyber Space 2-5: Déjà vu  
20 Cyber Space: Result Screen - Complete  
21 Cutscene: Visions of Home  
22 Quest: The Best Defense  
23 Jingle: Quest - Fail  
24 Jingle: Quest - Result  
25 Cutcene: Ascent of Fallen Warriors  
Disc 4 [WWCE-31543]



01 Ares Island: 6th Mvt.  
02 Cutscene: Another tomorrow  
03 Cyber Space 2-6: Transparent Highway  
04 Guardian: SUMO  
05 Cyber Space 2-7: Floating in the Blue  
06 Ares Island: 7th Mvt.  
07 Titan: WYVERN  
08 Break Through It All (feat. Kellin Quinn)  
09 Cutscene: To Another Frontier  
10 Chaos Island: 1st Mvt.  
11 Cutscene: Intangible Tails  
12 Cyber Space 3-1: Escape the Loop  
13 Guardian: Spider  
14 Chaos Island: 2nd Mvt.  
15 Cutscene: Star Crossed  
16 Cutscene: Beyond the past  
17 Island Mystery: Hacking Mission  
18 Jingle: Hacking Mission - Clear  
19 Jingle: Hacking Mission - Fail  
20 Jingle: Mystery Solved  
21 Cyber Space 3-2: Go Slap  
22 Chaos Island: 3rd Mvt.  
23 Cyber Space 3-3: Memory will tell  
Disc 5 [WWCE-31544]



01 Chaos Island: 4th Mvt.  
02 Guardian: FORTRESS  
03 Cyber Space 3-4: Constructure  
04 Cutscene: Resolution of Sage  
05 Cutscene: EQ  
06 Chaos Island: 5th Mvt.  
07 Cyber Space 3-5: BMB  
08 Quest: Bridge the Gap  
09 Chaos Island: 6th Mvt.  
10 Cutcene: Heart and Soul  
11 Chaos Island: 7th Mvt.  
12 Cyber Space 3-6: Enjoy this World  
13 Island Mystery: Pinball  
14 Cyber Space 3-7: All Reality  
15 Titan: Knight  
16 Find Your Flame (feat. Kellin Quinn & Tyler Smyth)  
17 Cutscene: Last Ordeal  
18 Cutscene: The Six Wedges  
19 Rhea Island  
20 Cutscene: Chaos Engine  
21 Cutcene: Fallen Ancestrial Star  
22 Cutscene: Inextinguishable Doubt  
23 Cutscene: The Will of the Emeralds  
24 Cutscene: The Beginning of the End  
25 Cutscene: Titan Finale  
26 Cutscene: Sealing  
27 Cutscene: The Losing Soul  
28 Cutscene: Time to unite  
Disc 6 [WWCE-31545]



01 Ouranos Island  
02 Cyber Space 4-1: Exceed Mach  
03 Enemy: WOLF  
04 Cyber Space 4-2: Ephemeral  
05 Cyber Space 4-3: Rumble Rave  
06 Guardian: CATERPILLAR  
07 Cyber Space 4-4: Wishes in the Wind  
08 Cyber Space 4-5: Arrow of Time  
09 Cyber Space 4-6: Fog Funk  
10 Theme of Starfall Islands  
11 Guardian: Ghost  
12 Cyber Space 4-7: Rewind to go ahead  
13 Cyber Space 4-8: No Pain, No Gain  
14 Cyber Space 4-9: Signs  
15 Cutscene: Face-off  
16 Titan: SUPREME - I'm Here [Re-Edit]  
17 Cutscene: Fake Moon  
18 I'm with you  
19 Cutscene: Unheard  
20 Cutcene: Lost Friend  
21 Dear Father (feat. Quinn Barnitt)  
22 Cutscene: A Wonderful World  
23 One Way Dream (feat. Nathan Sharp)  



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