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How do you view Rouge's morality?


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I feel like Rouge goes through a small personality crisis, but she has so little screen time, that it's hard to notice.

My favorite Rouge was Sonic X incarnation. She perfectly balanced between being a selfish thief and yet, you know, not letting people die for her gains.

The problem is that X Rouge was NOT part of Sonic's buddy-buddy group. And now she is. At least enough to be on his birthday in Generations (or after party in IDW Metal Virus epilogue). And it's hard to reconcile, her being friends with Greatest Hero and being a villain.

Plus, most games are story-light, with a big treat. When planet's breaking into pieces, Rouge cannot steal Emerald for fun, she's not an idiot.

And becuase of that she never gets to be grey anymore. And that saddens me. (And before people mention that one Archie universe arc, this would be a perfect portrayal of Rouge IF Sol Dimension wasn't dying without Sol Emerald. That's a big ups).

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