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Tails 30th Anniversary Comic - Speculation Thread


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Since we are about 3 months away from the release of the Tails 30th Anniversary Comic, I decided to start this "speculation thread" so that we can discuss our theories/ideas about what will happen in the comic and what the characters will be like (Along with any surprises!).

I'll start by saying what I think the premise will be, based on what little we know so far: Sonic and Tails travel to Flicky Island for a vacation. However, when they get there, they find that all the residents have been encased in crystal! Before they can investigate further, Witchcart appears and uses her magic to capture Sonic, planning to steal his super speed for her own evil purposes! Now its up to Tails to defeat Witchcart and her minions, save Sonic and free Flicky Island from the evil witch's curse once and for all!

This is basically following the same story as Tails Skypatrol, but with Tails having the added incentive of having to rescue Sonic (Which makes a nice change from it usually being the other way round!).

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