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About the Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack


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These last months I have been thinking about what the music of sonic frontiers would be

and I think that it possibly has something of the same theme that sonic 2006 had, only that here the tones possibly change little by little from a happy tone to a serious, nostalgic or even sad tone



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It could even be the other way around as the secret of the Starfall islands is unraveled. Start off all meloncholy since Sonic is separated from his friends and the more friends he saves the more upbeat the tune.

I faintly remember, but am unable to find where i read, a bit where I read that the main theme would be made by Natewantstobattle.

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Whatever it is, I really hope it doesn't try to have a slow ambient boring soundtrack like botw had to match the "open zone".

Sega you never mess up sonic soundtracks, please don't start here.

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The Cyberspace Trailer had some cool music. I hope there are more like those.

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