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Sonic Origins Gameplay Livestream Today


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Well, this is technically our first look at the collection in action. So I suppose that's worth a new topic. I gotta say, I am really liking the presentation of this. 

  Ocelot said this in the main thread:

52 minutes ago, TheOcelot said:

Watched the stream. They showed-off the following:

  • Opening cutscene of Sonic 1 & played Green Hill in Story Mode (they didn't show if drop-dash is in Story Mode).
  • Played Emerald Hill from Sonic 2 in Anniversary mode. Sonic & Tails AI, Sonic alone, Tails alone, Knuckles alone or Knuckles & Tails AI could be selected in the title screen. They showed-off 2 player vs mode (offline).


  • Played Sonic 3; Angel Island in Anniversary Mode. Had the S3 title screen music, but S&K Knuckles theme. 
  • Played a bit of Angel Island in Mirror Mode.
  • Sonic CD; Played Palmtree Panic in Classic Mode. You Can Do Anything has it's vocals!!!
  • Mission Mode; Metropolis zone mission as Super Sonic.
  • Sonic CD Boss Rush Mode: Have to beat all bosses with no rings.
  • Soundtest; Played Knuckles Chaotix title screen music.
  • Museum Menu; Concept art (box art, zone art, character art) which we've seen before (don't think was anything new). Also new art from Origins.
  • Can play the Sonic Mania Adventures animated shorts in the Museum menu.
  • Museum Menu background is a 3D Blast island.


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that sure is animated content

I dunno, they look fine, but they don't have the same injection of new personality that the likes of, say, CTR:NF added to their story.

YO THAT'S SOME NEW SHOGAKUKAN MANGA STYLE GUIDES. I even see a new really bizarre proto-Vector!

Actually looking closer I think there might also be a really rudimentary proto-Charmy

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That looks pretty cute, ngl. Still don't think it's worth the price SEGA's asking. Will pick this eventually, because if we gotta depend on Frontiers... It's gonna be another 5 years without buying a Sonic game for me.


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For anyone avoiding story mode spoilers, be warned that when they're going through the Museum mode, it looks like thumbnails of every single Origins cut-scene is shown (the last three videos on the first page of movies are Sonic Mania Adventures episodes, so it's pretty likely all the others are the whole lot of Origins animations).  So if you want it to be a surprise as to what scenes are getting animated, you'll want to tread lightly around that footage.

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It looks like Sonic CD will still have new Origins cutscenes and its original animated intro and ending:


The thumbnails show us that we'll even see Amy Rose's tarot card reading, so we'll likely see a bit of what happens before CD's classic intro. In Sonic 3, we also see Eggman's first meeting with Knuckles - which makes sense, as Sonic's first meeting with Knuckles is already covered in-game where he gets the Emeralds knocked out of him.

Oh, and it looks like Mania Adventures was thrown in as bonus content. That's nice too.

Really looking forward to seeing all of these.

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I'm so looking forward to playing 3K to see all the little changes Stealth and his team have made. Here's a nice one:

In the original version of 3K; in the Angel Island intro cutscene Knuckles stands still briefly after knocking Sonic flying before stealing the emeralds, whereas in the new version Knuckles moves his arms "getting ready to punch sequence" before he steals the emeralds.

The original for comparison (time stamped 0:33):

The new version (time stamped 29:50):

I love little changes like this.

Edit: Even Tails arrives differently. In the original he flies down from above. In the new version he appears from the left. 

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The return of the vocal tracks to CD is wonderful news! Does make me wonder about Sonic 3, maybe they actually went to the negotiation table with the Jackson estate in the process? It would be nice if the original tracks are in there.

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Just noticed Tails is using his more "bouncy" walk animation from Sonic 2 instead of his normal Sonic 3 walk cycle. I dunno why they changed that...or why I'm able to even notice. :P

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I like the design of the islands in Origins:

I think the placement of each island is fine. CD's larger landmass does make sense, although it looks a bit odd being so big compared to the others.

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