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After playing Metroid Dread, I noticed something... (SPOILERS FOR ANOTHER SERIES)


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The game's villain Raven Beak bears some striking similarities to certain villains from the Sonic games. Two that come to my mind are Infinite and Black Doom.

For one, Infinite and Raven Beak share the same color scheme. Just look:



Even their personalities are similar. Both have immense power and are very arrogant about it. And it's their pride that leads to their downfall.

As for Black Doom, Raven Beak is the same kind of villain as him: an alien tyrant that happens to be related to the main protagonist by blood. Or more accurately, they were genetic donors used to give said protagonists their abilities.




And just like both of them, he's utterly evil to the core. But there's one thing these two don't have: his chad energy.

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I know it's most likely just a big weird coincidence, but those runes on the Metroid Chozo guy remind me of Eggman/Robotnik's logo from Sonic 2



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Tbh I think this is just a bit of projection and just typical "humans love to notice patterns".  Red and black is an extremely common palette for villains, powerful and prideful-before-the-fall is an extremely common plot for villains to undergo in the climax of the game.  While not as common as the above, even "villain is related to the protagonist by blood" is far from uncommon.

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