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FILA Sonic 2 Movie Shoes.


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  • The title was changed to FILA Sonic 2 Movie Shoes.

They sold out, like, SUPER fast. Hopefully they restock, because it's taken 30 years to have actual Sonic shoes for sale, so it'd be a shame for it to be a one and done deal.

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Those suckers did sell out quick. I was in the checkout line 8 mins after they were announced and was still too slow for anything over the smallest sizes.


Unfortunately, Fila has yet to restock them as far as I can tell. In fact they seem to be moving in the opposite direction. They have yet to respond on Social Media about any kind of movement on that front and the FILA website has scrubbed the purchase page from existence. That second one is unsettling.


I don't know if they underestimated demand or if these were limited edition or what, but I can't believe 2 different shoe companies are about to make the same mistake. I can hand-wave Puma not putting 100% behind the shoes in the first movie, first impressions made it a surefire bomb, but to watch Fila do it now is crazy. Your sitting on something that will literally print money.



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We have a restock. Gonna have to fight for a pair tomorrow morning. They will likely sell out in a few mins. The larger sizes are always the first to go.



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