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Sonic adventure 2's gun truck chase was greatly remade in sonic generations

Sonic generations fan29

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Is it just me or do you remember playing city escape then being terrified by the gun truck then years later you get sonic generations get up to city escape  then still get scared by the gun truck


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in Adventure 2 it was really just pure spectacle, in Generations you actually have to do something instead of just holding down on the analog stick lol

looking back a decade later, Generations had a lot of fun and interesting ideas. That game was nostalgia done right.

Hiroshi Miyamoto should've become the director of all Sonic Team games after Generations.

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It took me at least 50 tries to ace City Escape. The truck getting me when I mess up a stunt was a mini-heart attack. It is at least twice as terrifying in Generations, but I don’t know if the razor arms seem very believable as military weapons? It reminded me of a couple sort of “nightmare trucks” I’d seen before in other media and felt a bit out of place and needlessly freakish. It is cool, but I don’t think it worked as well as a GUN truck.

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