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Community Calendar is Open For Business!


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A small-ish update for you guys this week as I scramble about with other things (including being a dad)... I noticed that the SSMB has, for the longest time in the world, come complete with its own Calendar. A calendar which, for about the fifteen or sixteen years that SSMB has used this forum software, has barely been used or noticed.

As part of an effort to kick-start some more user interaction across the site, I've set things up so that the Calendar can now be actively used by most (non-banned) members here.

So! Please feel free to contribute to the SSMB Community Calendar! You can find it here:

And if you want to look for it in the site menu, it's under the 'More' tab (just look for Ray the Squirrel's head, the link to Calendar should be on the left hand side column in the drop-down menu there). We have three different Calendar types available, with the option of more being created if there is enough need:

  • Community Calendar: This is where you can contribute the most - it's a calendar dedicated to interesting events, community activities and other things taking place around the Sonic community. For example, you might want to add the dates for the Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2022 when they are announced. Or, as you can see, I added an event today for the upcoming Nintendo Direct livestream. Sonic community online (and real life) events, conventions and activities can be added to this calendar.
  • Release Calendar: For adding release dates of games, comics, movies, toys, merchandise or any other kind of Sonic media.
  • Streaming Schedule: This is for TSS/SSMB staff use only, and gives a view of the upcoming community streams that we will be hosting on The Sonic Stadium's Twitch channel. At the moment, it just covers our scheduled dates for SEGASonic Radio, but as we increase our broadcasting activity we'll add more here so you can stay on top of what we're doing.

I've gone and added a bunch of events to the calendars already (Sonic Movie 2 release date, some upcoming IDW releases, Nintendo Direct, etc), but I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys might want to have added to the calendar too.

Some ground rules though, before we leave it at that:

  • Events need to be approved by an SSMB moderator or admin before they are visible to the rest of the community. Please be aware that your event might be approved or deleted based on whether it is relevant for the site.
  • Similarly, we will not tolerate attempts at spam or events that include any kind of derogatory language or are used for any purpose that breaks our community guidelines. Calendar events are subject to the SSMB rules just as much as topics and status updates are, and offenders will be appropriately punished.
  • We want to avoid barebones events (which just has a title and a date/time and that's it). Try to make your calendar event interesting to look at/read. Provide a good banner image to illustrate the event, and write a little information about the event. If you think it's interesting to put on our calendar, make your fellow SSMB users think it is interesting as well. An example can be found here: 
  • Please keep any events related to Sonic, or the Sonic community at large. If it is not strictly Sonic-related, please make sure your event has something that would be of tangential relevance to the community (i.e. Nintendo Direct would fall under this as while it is not strictly Sonic-related, SEGA/Sonic products may be shown there).
  • All of the Community Calendars are publicly visible calendars. They are NOT private calendars. So please make sure that any events you add do not include any personal information, or details that you would like to keep private.

That's it. Have fun everyone!

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So how much longer before you complete the Facebook of Sonic?

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