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You Think Robotnikland Started With Sonic Adventure, Eh? You Fuel

Kenn K

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Okay, okay, I know it's not canon and it's ultimately not his end goal in the show, but I've been stuck at home with COVID and binging all the cartoons and I must say I was pretty surprised when I came to this episode of AOStH... take a wild guess as to what the title is:

"The 54th episode of [the series]. On Sonic's birthday, Robotnik takes over a local amusement park called Mobiusland and changes the name to "Robotnikland". Then posing as the local mayor, he invites Sonic and Tails to the park, and locks them in with a variety of booby trapped rides."

So basically, this has been a running gag since like '92, when the show was in production, lol. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if this is something actually listed in the Sonic Bible, lol. I feel like there was another mention of a "Robotnikland" somewhere else prior to SA1 or am I imagining things?

edit: Yes, btw, I'm aware this is a really stupid thread, haha. I have nothing better to do!

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