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Sonic Frontiers, The Next Sonic Game


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Sonic Frontiers is the new sonic game created by SEGA. The hype for this new adventure of the blue hero only can increase with this trailer relased
in the Game Awards event!

You can see the trailer right here:

And here is a video about the trailer and a few things that you may not noticed before:

I hope this be one of the best and greatest sonic games ever!
And SEGA! Dont rush it this time please

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Heya! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum! :) We already have several topics for Sonic Frontiers, please feel free to join the discussion here:


There are also separate news topics dedicated to the new trailer and other things. Please take a look in the Sonic Games forum.

Next time, be sure to check if an existing topic exists for whatever you want to write about. If it does, please join the conversation there! :) 

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