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Sonic Team & Moor-Art Gallery Collaborate on Sonic 30th Anniversary Print


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Sonic’s 30th anniversary is almost over, but the partnerships between SEGA and other companies has certainly not slowed. In the latest of these collaborations SEGA has teamed up with Moor-Art Gallery to produce and sell a special limited edition 30th anniversary print. This print will be limited to just 200 copies, and is currently being sold for £34.99. Given the limited nature of these prints, you can expect them to go fast.

You can find the print here. They ship worldwide. You can check out what it looks like below:


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8 hours ago, Cosmos Rogue said:

Why is modern Sonic... unfinished?

Probably because that "almost finished" look is an artstyle they've used quite a lot in recent years for 2D art on Channel and such. The print that came with special editions of the art book released a few years ago had Classic, Modern and Boom Sonic all drawn in this style. It's really not very engaging though, and yes he just look incomplete next to Classic. 

This piece is nice, but I have to say that it's wholly uninteresting. I feel like I've seen too many other pieces almost exactly like it before. It's already sold out and I'm not at all cut up about that. Would have much rather seen a piece that focused on one Sonic or the other (preferably modern) and did something other than the S2-style loading screen zigzags for the background. And of course, none of this "almost finished sketch" style. They might have been using it for several years, but that doesn't mean that it's any good. 

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