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Do you think that Sonic R is overhated


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Sonic R was created in November 18th, 1997 for the Sega Saturn and didn't make a big splash, getting poor reviews from critics. Many also thought the music of the game made it unbearable.

But having played it again. I really didn't feel any displeasure. In fact I had a ton of fun! Recently, the game has been getting a bit of a cult following.

Personally I think it's not that overhated anymore as I am seeing a lot more people openly say they enjoyed the game.

(I also think the music is great too)






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Sonic R has an infectious soundtrack going for it annnnd that's about it. But that's all it really needs, because when you feel the sunshine, you just think about the good times.

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Look, Sonic R isn't really a game, it's a curiosity, a distraction. A prototype for a good game, if added more stages and a lot of balancing.

I find it charming, but I bought it for 5 bucks, knowing what to expect.

Imagine being in 90s, starved for big Sonic game  (who was still close to peak of popularity) and paying full price for this.

Right after Mario Kart 64, I think bar was a little higher.

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As much nostalgia appeal as the game has, I'd say it's one of the worst in the series. Sorry. The controls are awful and kills the entire experience.

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It's a perfectly harmless game that just lacks content to keep it engaging. I wouldn't really call it bad, it has it's charm, but it's not something most people would touch again after finishing it at least once

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I don't remember anyone really going out of their way to say they 'hated' Sonic R. Maybe some people say they disliked it if they were asked, but you know. I think the worst reaction I could imagine people having for it is indifference (which judging by the other reactions in this thread, is probably accurate 😄), it was a spinoff game and usually those kinds of titles get a bit of slack from fans unless they're truly terrible.

I quite liked Sonic R, but yeah it is hilariously short. One thing I wish more racing games did more often is alternate routes through courses. It's something Sonic R did really well and I can't remember any other racing game (besides the open-world ones like Burnout Paradise but they don't count) since that followed their lead. Real shame.

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