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Sonic Channel November 2021 Calendar: Sonic & Blaze in Coral Cave


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Looks like a new venture on robot pirate island.


November 2021 Calendar: https://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/calendar_2111_blaze.pdf

Sonic & Blaze Story Translations (thanks to Dizzydennis on Tumblr)

Part 1


Tearing through a peaceful silence was a terrifying explosion that echoed throughout a cave.

While the sounds reverberated and echoed about, countless robots lied in wreck as they sparked with intense burn marks all over them.

It was a member of royalty wrapped around a red flame. This person pushed back an army of robot pirates that were rushing in. There they stood, with one arm extended outwards to obliterate her enemies and the other arm pointed upwards with smoke coming out of their fingertips. This person was none other than Blaze the Cat!

“What’s wrong? Is that all you got?”

Pirate robots slowly surrounded her like a hoard of demons, ready to attack all at once. Blaze dropped to her hips to intercept them and strengthened the power of her flames behind her to start spinning.

“Hey hey hey ~! Where are you looking, you clanky bucket of bolts!?”

A hedgehog flew in with a blue breeze and knocked down robot after robot at a speed incomprehensible to the untrained eye.

He wrecked every last robot with his thorny body by slamming into them before he landed next to Blaze after a hard-hitting ricochet.

"Yeah, Blaze! Long time, no see.”
“Sonic …”
“… Will the grand princess of this country ever get rid of these pesky pirates?”

The two followed the remaining robots as they escaped further into the cave. Sonic asked in jest, but Blaze moved forward with a serious expression.

“It’s like the Sol Emeralds were crying out in the middle of the night. I must’ve come here due to their influence, but I can’t figure out what is going on here.” Blaze replied bluntly. She had no interest in engaging in light conversation.

Blaze is the princess of the “Sol Empire” and she resides in a world separate from Sonic’s. She is also the guardian of peace in the empire and the secret precious stones known as the “Sol Emeralds.” She works tirelessly with her special fire powers.

"While it may be an urgent matter, I can’t really give it my attention right now. I’m already after some actual villains and I’m in the middle of cleaning them up. What about you?”

Sonic responded with a face that showed he had realized the gravity of the situation he was in. 

Sonic had previously gone to check on the seventh Chaos Emerald that he had left in Twinkle Park. However, he also had the other six mysterious Chaos Emeralds with him. The moment the seven gems came together, they emitted a bright light that suddenly began to wrap around Sonic … and by the time he noticed what was going on, he was in Coral Cave.

"So, if you came here, then we will need to take care of your problem after we deal with these the current situation.”
"Aah, alright then …”

A second wave of pirate robots then began their attack. The mastermind behind these pirate robots should have already been defeated. The robots lost their master and had been strays left in the wake of Sonic and Blaze’s adventure. They weren’t sophisticated, but they still had guns that could shoot anywhere and anything. In large numbers, they were a threat and some types even held a destructive wrecking ball! They should not be underestimated.

In a turbulent attack, Blaze damaged and hindered the movements of a bunch of enemies with her flames. Sonic then hopped in and attacked the robots with his quills. The robots reeled back, but prepared for another attack.
Soon after… the two of them needed a breather after pushing back that second wave. They fell into a back-to-back formation.

“I’m digging this …! But I didn’t think you’d be able to let somebody cover your back.”
“I can’t do this alone.”

Blaze once had an adventure with Sonic where they defeated a mighty enemy after joining forces in battle. However, when they first met, Blaze felt she had to handle everything by herself. She was a pretty distant person. After that adventure with Sonic, Blaze learned the strength of trusting others. She even became tolerant of other… more demanding personalities after meeting Amy and Cream; the latter of which was very innocent. She became much more open-minded and realized she wasn’t an authority above her peers, but rather… a friend. Sonic was happy to welcome such a small change in Blaze, but …

“Just wait, Sonic. I understand it now …” Sonic realized Blaze was talking to him, but she turned away.

“The truth is, I will never be the same as you…” The roots of Blaze’s heart haven’t changed…but Sonic actually respected her noble seriousness; that strength and persistence that Blaze held within herself that wouldn’t allow her to let others close.

After the attack of the pirate robots had subsided, the two decided to attack head-on at the enemy’s base. They proceeded to hunt down the robots while heading into the furthest depths of Coral Cave.

They had been exploring the caverns for about an hour and they reached the deepest regions of the darkness. Sonic noticed a big change in the area around them.

He could see the area was brightly illuminated by an emerald’s clear green light; the air was clean too, despite the fact it within a deep underground cave.
While walking along the decorated, exterior walls, Sonic realized that this was something special.

When he turned his attention to the back of the cave cavity, he saw what seemed to be a staircase accompanied by the sound of metal squeaking … Sonic felt the sounds belonged to a barrage of pirate robots. He could just barely make out the robots going in and out. This was it! … There was no doubt; this was the base of the pirate robots.

Excited for another swashbuckling adventure, Sonic shouted towards Blaze. “Art thou ready to attend the party, Madame Princess?”


Sonic tried to pass by Blaze, who had become silent. Without a second thought, he headed for the stairway. His path was blocked by a hand right in front of his face. The first burned with ambers and fire.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” Sonic gave a surprised look to Blaze. Blaze stared at him with pure anger in her eyes.

After a moment of silence, Blaze slowly spoke. It was in a quiet, angry tone, as if to control Sonic. The blue hedgehog was overwhelmed and his jokes stopped.“… It’s my problem from here. You should go home.”


A wave of cold tension rushed into the windless, undersea cave.

Part 2


The energy detector that Sonic borrowed from Tails started to beep.

There was an electronic sound that was odd for a cave like this … When Sonic saw the detector’s display, he thought for a moment and then suddenly started running in the opposite direction back towards Blaze.

“It can’t be helped. Will Blaze be alright on her own?”

Blaze, meanwhile, was bathed in her fiery flame of anger as she ran down the passageway at blazing speeds.

At the deepest altar was the national treasure of the Sol Empire, the “Jeweled Scepter,” which is said to have sunk into a deep volcano and was so powerful that it could destroy stars. There was no doubt that the thieves entered through here for it.

The wand was stored in the royal castle after several attempts for its capture and recapture. However, it was now transferred to the innermost part of Coral Cave. This is where it was originally placed under strict security. At least, it was supposed to be … as the guards who were meant to be guarding it were no longer here and a sea of pirate robots filled the area.

The sanctuary of the royal family was devastated with national treasures being put in danger and the royal guards being tossed about.
Blaze wanted to save the soldiers and defeat the thieves as they had threatened her kingdom and her pride.
Blaze arrived at the altar as its 50-meter span stretched to every corner of the room, but it held a truly awful sight…
The elite koala guards stood in a circle formation around the Jeweled Scepter with their weapons and shields ready. They were surrounded by a huge number of pirate robots.
They were forced to leave their posts due to the attack. They were persistent in protecting the jewel, but they were at their limit.
They were just about to give up, when suddenly… a bolt of crimson lightning and wrapped the robots around in a fire tornado.

<< SWISH …! >> >>

… Blaze stepped out in front of the soldiers to dispel the explosion.

“Princess Blaze !?”

“You did your best, but may I request that you hold out for a little longer?”

As soon as she finished speaking, her flames wrapped around her body and she jumped towards the enemy forces. She was an inspiration to the army and they felt revitalized to protect the scepter.

Blaze was, of course, concerned for their safety, but she was very proud of them. Her guards always pledged their allegiance to Blaze’s dignity and beauty. She always fought on the front lines while protecting her companions. She always pledged to protect them as well.

After a short battle…

Blaze noticed that she might have made a huge mistake. There were just too many pirates robots to handle.

With the battalion of robot reinforcements, some of the royal guards fell to their knees when they saw the robots climbing over the barricades.

The scepter could have been lost at any moment and Blaze started feeling hopeless.

“Hey! This looks like quite the lively party!”

A blue whirlwind that ran down the stairs at a tremendous speed rushed towards Blaze while tossing robots aside.

He then circled around Blaze with a lightning fast spin dash, destroyed even more robots, and landed while scratching his head.

“Sorry! Seems like these are the reinforcements that slipped by me. Care to lend me a hand?”
“Sonic …!”

Sonic learned from his energy detector that enemy reinforcements were rallying around Coral Cave. So, he was defeating them before they got to the altar.
Although Sonic had his usual cool demeanor, his shoes and gloves were badly damaged by the robot attacks. It showed Sonic wasn’t having an easy time with these robots.

…… No matter how well you think you are when doing something by yourself, you can rely on others for help even if you aren’t aware of it. Blaze noticed what was going on and regretted how she turned Sonic away.

Blaze attempted to reply to Sonic in a playful manner. “I guess that’s just how it is. I’ll help you. But …”

In the cave, which would normally be windless, a hot breeze blew through. “… You’ll be right beside me helping too, right?”

As if signaled by their conversation, the robots all pounced at once. Sonic noticed them, grinned, and jumped up as well. He bowed respectfully in front of Blaze, and said: “Shall we dance?”

Immediately afterwards, he began to spin around Blaze with another spin dash, causing a large tornado.

Blaze finally smiled towards Sonic’s blue streak as he passed the guards valiantly protecting the area.

“I guess that’s just how it is …”

Blaze made a particularly large flame in her hands as she danced violently in Sonic’s tornado! She transformed the gusts of wind into a furious fire tornado!

<< CRACKLE ! >> >>

And only about 10 seconds later … no robot in the enemy army was moving.

The enemy reinforcements had stopped completely …

After sending the guards to the castle, Blaze ordered the “jewel wand” to be returned as well. With that, she caught her breath and thanked Sonic.

Sonic tried to respond … but then they both noticed something was wrong with their emeralds.

Blaze’s seven Sol Emeralds shined brighter, and the light was sucked into Sonic’s weakened and darkened Chaos Emeralds.

“” …………!? “”

Shocked, the two were watching … Within minutes, the two Chaos Emeralds regained their power and began to emit the beautiful light they once had. This meant that all seven emeralds had been revived … but why …?


Blaze made an assumption. “Well, this may be the Emeralds speaking. It may be fate or it may be just a whim. You‘ll have to find out why yourself.”

“It’s odd hearing you speak so cryptically.”

“I simply believe in emeralds.”

“Oh, I don’t know, mayb—…”

Sonic’s Chaos Emeralds all started to emit light … It was a stronger light that slowly wrapped around Sonic’s body.

Sonic spread his palms sideways and shrugged his shoulders.

“Huh, it looks I’m getting sent back because what’s done is done, right?”

“That’s seems about right …”

With a bitter smile, Blaze, who was convinced in her heart of the hero Sonic is, tried to say “Go in good spirits, Sonic” …

Then, just at that moment…

From the ceiling, a giant robot landed in front of them with a roaring sound.

<< CRASH …! >> >>

A skull gauntlet attached to a red steel body …

There was no doubt that it is the mastermind of the pirate robots, Captain Whisker. Though he should have been destroyed from his previous defeat. He seemed to be completely out of his mind, with only scattered remains of his body being held together, but...

If you think about it, it was strange that the pirate robots gathered here. It would make sense that Whisker would call them together. Sonic and Blaze were ready to fight immediately.

“OK! You want me to help get rid of this guy before I get sent back?” 

Sonic tried to dash towards Whisker while being half-wrapped in the light of the Chaos Emeralds, but Blaze gently stopped him by gesturing with her hand.

“No, I can beat him like this. I’m more than enough. You can go home without worry.”

Sonic walked slowly towards Whiskers, he continued to dodge the mad captain’s attacks with a cool look.

“This cooperation is great, but one must also have faith in their own abilities!”

With that, Blaze kicked off the Whisker’s left fist as he threw a punch. Whisker was fluttering.

“… Y’know, you could make some pretty nostalgic stories with a friend if you let them come along!”

Rubbing his nose and laughing, Sonic left a rough departing message.

“OK! Well see you later then …”


Whisker rushed in for a killing blow, but was shocked to see Blaze counter it. Meanwhile, Sonic was completely wrapped in seven different colors of light and was returned to his original world.

When the light subsided, Sonic returned to the dark cave area of the Twinkle Park attraction, the Twinkle Coaster.

Yes, the gathering of the seven Chaos Emeralds here was what led Sonic to Blaze’s dimension.

Sonic reflected on his day as he watched the glow subside within the emeralds.

“The nerve of that girl. Even until the very end, she acted all tough and cool as a lone warrior!”

Just a reminder, the Chaos Emerald that was placed here is now an important magical symbol for the passengers who ride this roller coaster. The emeralds were resurrected by Blaze’s Sol Emeralds. Sonic tried to place it back where he left it, but it let off a heat and sizzling sound. Sonic was worried, but felt encouraged by Blaze and he grinned unintentionally.

“I’m looking forward to sharing our nostalgic stories, Blaze …… because I’m having amazing things happen all the time too! ”

Sonic rushed to the exit door of the attraction, where the outside light shined bright. He triumphantly rushed into the dazzling world of unseen adventures.


2021 Calendar Checklist

  • January: Sonic & Tails in the Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1)
  • February: Sonic & Knuckles in Angel Island Zone (Sonic 3&K)
  • March: Sonic & Amy in Twinkle Park (Sonic Adventure)
  • April: Sonic & Vector in Apotos/Windmill Isle (Sonic Unleashed)
  • May: Sonic & Cream/Cheese in Music Plant Zone (Sonic Advance 2)
  • June: Sonic & Metal Sonic in Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)
  • July: Sonic & Shadow in Mission Street (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • August: Sonic & Rouge in Eggmanland (Sonic Unleashed) 
  • September: Sonic & the Wisps in Windy Valley (Sonic Adventure)
  • October: Sonic & Silver in Kingdom Valley (Sonic 2006)
  • November: Sonic & Blaze in Coral Cave Zone (Sonic Rush Adventure)

Only one month left. Also, Sonic has all 7 Chaos Emeralds...

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Could someone remind me who is writing these things again... there is quite a bit to take in here, lol

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