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Sonic Game Theories and Speculation


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Basically, as the title implies, this is meant to be a topic where you can express theories about Sonic games you might’ve heard about over the years or things you personally speculate about regarding Sonic games. 

I’ll start to demonstrate. So as many of us know, Seaside Hill in Generations seems to act as a 2 in 1 type stage. It’s both Seaside Hill AND Ocean Palace. Modern, while mixing both stages in, tends to focus a lot on the seaside hill segment whereas classic is primarily ocean palace. I’m of the idea that the Mario and Sonic London remix of Ocean Palace was meant to initially be for Classic in Gens to further cement that his act was Ocean Palace more than Seaside Hill (it really wasn’t seaside hill at all), but to stay consistent with the rest of the games structure of retaining one theme for each zone but with two remixes, they replaced it with the pretty basic classic seaside hill remix we got in the game. 

Like this sounds blatantly like a classic Sonic remix that wouldn’t seem out of place if you replaced it with the classic seaside hill theme.


The other weird thing is how Moderns theme incorporates light elements of ocean palaces theme despite being 50/50 whereas classic’s, despite being PRIMARILY Ocean Palace, doesn’t do that at all. Just seemed a awkward given the context of the design choices of classics version of the act.



Idk that always strikes me as weird when I think about it. 

Also, the M&S OP remix had it been classics I should note, would have fit in with the likes of Speed Highway Classic, City Escape classic, Crisis City, Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp classic, which all arguably had the more “radically different sounding” interpretations of the zone themes between them and their modern counterparts, whereas seaside hill classic just kinda sounds…like a slightly altered seaside hill?

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