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Sonic The Wrestler: The Real Life Sonic Man: (Update: Wrestler Makes Contact!)

Badnik Mechanic

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A few months ago, I was researching the old Shadow the Hedgehog wrestling event (see link) and stumbled across something... else...

For the last 14-20 years, this guy has been wrestling (unofficially) as Sonic The Hedgehog.

So this guy is named 'Sonic' what's his real name, nobody knows, because he's lived and worked for so long as 'Sonic' his real name isn't anywhere online. 


Yes, that is what he wrestles in, a mask with Sonic spikes, a white furry patch on his chest, blue outfit and even has a pair of red shoes. 

There's not much video of him around, but there are full matches on youtube such as this one.


Quality is quite bad, but in his ring entrance, he throws golden rings to the crowd. A much better video is this one...

Yes that's his tag team partner Fang... And if you think it can't get anymore ridiculous, DCW also had a wrestler named "The Big Cat". Neither Fang or Big are Sonic related, only Sonic is Sonic related.

He does have a Social Media presence, on My Space, which is long abandoned. There's a few interesting photos on there, including his take on some Sonic Adventure promotional artwork. 

Despite being a 'jobber' he actually wrestles and performs pretty well, he incorporates a lot of jumps, flips and rolls into his move set which does look quite sonicy, unfortunately he does lose a lot.

How long has he been doing this for? Well most wrestling databases put his start date at 2006, but one lists him as being around since 1999. Is he still active? Well it depends who you ask.... because here is what he apparently looks like now!


Notice the S on his... Crotch... it's very similar to the one on his old costume... So... a few databases claim this wrestler is a different one, but a few say they're the same guy. If it is the same guy, he now wrestles as Luchador on Mexican TV, still under the name Sonic. 

There is footage of him on youtube (can't find the link, a small sample is at 12:35 of the video at the start) and his costume looks a lot more in line with his DCW costume. He also performs a similar roll move to the DCW guy in the videos provided.

And yes he does go over with the fans, they chant his name and cheer for him, it's quite surreal to see and hear fans chanting for 'Sonic' in a wrestling ring.


Anybody here ever seen this guy? 

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No, never seen this guy! This is hilarious. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.

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It's just amazing. It's like the character editor of the WWE games come to life!

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Interesting. I wonder how fast this guy is compared to Sonic himself in the games at least?

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So I just got a call... FROM THE WRESTLER!!!

Yeah so he joined YouTube, left a comment on the video... and then deleted the comment!

So because I have comment notifications turned on, I get both a browser and email notification on any comment YouTube approves... So I'll just paraphrase the comment since if he deleted it I don't wanna publish something he's not ok with, but I think this should be alright since it's just a few clarifications and things we can pretty much have guessed.


"A friend told him of my video, he was a massive Sonic fan growing up and his first match was in 2007. The "Yellow" Super Sonic wrestler from Mexico isn't him, and no he still won't tell us his real name."

How do I know it's him... Well in my videos, I sometimes leave out some information or deliberately get something wrong, just in case someone out there knows more and can correct me and provide more details, and this guy was able to provide me with some information I knew but didn't say in the video.

 Someone either did way too much work for a windup... or it is him!

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