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Sonic Mania Music Loops


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Though I'm sure many have noticed it by this point, I thought it really clever that there are subtle changes in the second loop of the music for Flying Battery in Mania, and I found myself wondering if all of the music in the game is the same way - do they all play slightly differently on the second loop? Try as I might I couldn't determine if that was true for a lot of them, and it affects how long I would want the .mp3s in my personal music collection to be since, of course, I'd want to hear everything.
Can anyone confirm and identify if, and for which tracks, this occurs?
Thank you!

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You can more or less tell by using the official soundtrack release as a guideline, where every track gets at least 2 full loops before ending or fading out.  If it sounds like the song has reached a loop and the progress bar is about to hit the halfway point on the running time, it means there's no second variation.  If you're only about a quarter of the way through when that happens, it means the first loop isn't really done yet - there's about to be a repeated section with some reworking done, as you described for Flying Battery, before the loop of the Mania version is over.


Having said all of that, off the top of my head, I'm fairly sure Green Hill Act 2 is the only song other than Flying Battery Act 2 that goes for this.  Only about 80% sure on that but yeah.

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