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Tom Payne on Sonic

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So I'm on Tweaker's (a person who made a very nice fan game and used to be a mod on here) MSN contacts and suddenly after possibly a year or two of not speaking to one another I get this message...


Curiously I clicked the link and found a post in a topic about an interview with a man named Tom Payne (if he was named Max we could make a joke there), who is... is... urm... someone Sonic related.

The interview itself can be found here if you are into the whole 'These are the things we've almost done' Said Sonic Team side of the franchise, it's definately worth a read or two. Lots of interesting things in there... specifically.

* Possibility that "Genocide City" was a Japanese-assigned name resulting from misunderstanding of the word's name; it was changed to Cyber City later on (so Cyber City wasn't just an earlier name)

* Confirmation that the scrapping of Hidden Palace and other levels was due to time constraints and not space constraints

* Possibility of learning the real name for Winter Zone (!!!)

* Confirmation that The Machine used old level art from Cyber City.

Well anyway that was that...

However, Tweaker was sent some stuff from Tom, and it's quite interesting if you're into this lost content stuff.

Wasp concept art

Alligator concept art

Enemy Concept art. 1 2 3 4 5 6

Fish enemy stuff

More fishy related things

Sonic 1 concept art


So there you go, lots of old Sonic stuff that you didn't know about... but now you do... hurray...

More stuff that Tweaker has been sent can be found here along with the Sonic Retro forum going ape at the new content.

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Wow. This is fantastic stuff!

I'm especially thrilled by the Sonic 1 concept artworks, it's amazing to see these. In number 1, is that loop the idea that eventually gave birth to the famous wingtip logo?...It looks awfully similar in design (if not somewhat more complicated than the wingtip).

Brilliant finds here, it's all eye-candy to any Sonic fan! I'm going back to look and read at more....

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It's safe to say that this is going in the "Retarded Sonic" collection. <3

These are great finds! I remember reading that on Retro, but never bothered to post it here. Thanks, Casanova!

EDIT: Made a high quality colored version. I couldn't resist.


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