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Sonic Forces Hero Canon


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So I actually have never played Sonic Forces (Boomer Sonic Fan over here) but I had a random thought. Is the character you play as, that helps Sonic and friends supposed to be a canonical character? Like Is there a certain look/creature they are supposed to be going forward etc? Obv you customize the look and name, but I just wonder what Sega thinks the character should be. 

Maybe its a dumb question but I had to make a topic since I couldn't find a Sonic Forces thread. :)

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They're canonical in the sense that some person existed who did all those things, but the whole point is that that person is whoever you wanted them to be, so it wouldn't make much sense for there to be a singular canon design. And they'll almost certainly never show up again, so it doesn't matter that they don't have an official design.

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The usual avatar character for the marketing material was the red wolf with a few with accessories, but as Diogenes said there's no canon design for the avatar. Even considering the red wolf guy, there were a handful of other avatars used in marketing material and even the boxart changes the colour of the usual avatar from red to teal. They don't have a name either , being referred to throughout the story as "the rookie" or "buddy".  For the sake of being recognisable, the red wolf will probably be recognised as a stand-in for the avatar character most frequently. But yeah, there's no "canon" design. 

FWIW, the default design in-game technically is a male, black dog with no accessories and orange shoes similar to Tails' (the default cursor position for all customisable features). 

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Interesting. Thanks for the insight. I just watched the Sonic Forces "movie" on youtube and it just popped in my head.

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